April 13th, 2002

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I finished the Frankenstein reading assignment for Tuesday. 12 chapters. Let's not talk about how many hours (approx. 5) that took. Much earlier today i finished the grammar review quiz, so i now have 2 Tuesday assignments done.

Weeks ago, Nicole told me i made little enough that i could file using a 1040EZ, so i got that form from the library and finally finished filling it out today--all by myself; who says i have no real world skills? (Though i still need to learn how to work a can opener.) The federal government will be sending me $59.31. I wish they would just not take it out in the first place. Filing is a hassle, and while some people like getting a check from the government, it's just my money that i'm getting back, so i'm less than thrilled. I also paid my phone bill and purchased a really cool bag from GFLA. Yes, i'm a sucker for bags.

from the last QST paper i handed in: "This is a thoughtful + interesting response --- the kind I have come to expect from you." :)

I found the Buffy article i forgot to bookmark! Huzzah. (I thought i had found it on slayage.com, but when i went there to look for it i couldn't find it, so i had to scour my History--all the way back to Monday--, but i found it.) Yes, i definitely identify heavily with this article, and no, i won't bore you with a list of qualifiers.

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