April 17th, 2002

you think you know...

I spend so much time on livejournal that i should be spending being productive.

Find your emotion!

Yeah, i wasn’t gonna post quiz results here, but this seemed appropriate.

My friend Jonah came to visit today. Though a cold front is due this weekend, it is still being hot and humid, so we didn’t do much but hang out in my room and chat. I showed him around campus and he sat in on a really boring Intro to Lit Study class and we had dinner at Davis because normal dinner sounded sketchy, but mostly we just hung out and talked--which was minorly awkward because we’re only sort of in touch, but he said he had a good time and was glad he’d come and would like to come again, so that’s good.

I have a headache. I think it’s a combination of the heat/humidity and my not getting enough sleep. The fact that i’m not eating much (the heat and humidity has seriously cut my appetite) is probably not helping. I am drinking lots of water, though.

I got to be intelligent in my Milton class, twice. That was good.

Joe said:
NEVER read Wide Sargasso Sea
it's one of those "look at me - I'm taking someone else's character and writing my own novel with the groundwork already laid....oh yeah and my writing sucks"

I thought of the really bad fanfic i read recently. Yeah, i think i reference just about everything to something Joss-verse-related. I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing. I was talking to Jonah about Buffy and i mentioned how much i dislike bad fanfic. I was trying to explain what i dislike. I talked about people just imposing situations with no regard for the truth of the characters (oh my that was pretentious), then it occurred to me that by definition most any non-canon relationship is “out of character.” (And let’s not get started on the elaborate alternate universe disclaimers.) I came to the conclusion that if done well, i will accept just about anything. This deserves a more coherent and well-thought-out post, but it’s not happening.

I had a weird dream this morning. It was one of those dreams which you wake up from unsure as to whether it had really happened. All i can remember is that it involved reading a long post from zyll on Sharon’s friend page. This was extra weird because while i read Sharon’s friend page i only skim over zyll’s entries. Is my subconcious telling me that i am addicted to livejournal in a bad bad way?

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you think you know...

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It occurs to me that next year i'll have to bring my own fan. Though there are many things i won't miss about having a roommate, this is not one of them. This is very much not one of them. I'll buy my own dry-erase board for the door. I will do without a fridge. (I barely ever use it anyway.) I will probably opt out of a rug. But days like today remind me of the importance of a fan. I must remember this next year.
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you think you know...

because Sharon rocks my world...

Discussions of Whedon-verse will always take precedence over sleep.

Buffy has 2 males (yes, i'm still counting Giles) and various boyfriends.
Angel has 2 females and, in a sense, various girlfriends (Kate, Darla).
If we add Spike to Buffy, we can add Justine to Angel for balance.

We both wish Kate had been developed more (damn Law & Order). She had a lot of serious potential.

Princess80: but Justine may be fantastic
Princess80: OOH
Princess80: what if she were in line to be a slayer but never got there?
Princess80: hence being part of the reason she was chosen by holtz
Princess80: speaking of overthinking...
VelmasLizard: *insert a grinning face with exclamation points for eyes bowing to your greatness*
Princess80: because certain girls are chosen...but there has to be a backup for said chosen ones. she could have been an alternate.
Princess80: therefore having strength & natural ability but never training
Princess80: and interesting having Holtz and Justine's relationship being more romantic than the average watcher/slayer. (but I'm still a big B/G shipper. shup).
VelmasLizard: ooh, interesting parallel there
Princess80: which is why I laughed and laughed at this exchange:
Buffy: You know that when I was kissing you, I was thinking about Giles, right?
Spike: You know, I always wondered about you two.
VelmasLizard: LOL
Princess80: for the look on his face, mostly

[future librarian/copyeditor feels need to mention that the aforequoted exchange is from "Smashed"--ep. 6.9]