April 22nd, 2002

you think you know...

yeah, that updating thing

I have accomplished almost nothing today, or much this entire weekend really. Fie on lack of motivation.

Apparently i haven’t been getting enough sleep, because this is the third day in a row that i have ended up taking 2 naps because reading gives me a headache and causes me to zone. Sigh.

Less than a week ago it broke 90; today it hovered around freezing and snow was threatened. Even for New England the recent weather has been insane.

Layna made my day on Saturday because she fixed my glasses. She has a tiny screwdriver, and when i couldn’t manage to hold the glasses together and screw the screw in, she offered to do it for me. Yay!

Joan was feeling miserable, so it was just me and Rebecca at Hampshire. “Love is Sweet; With Bread it's Better” was, um, interesting. It mixed comedy and political commentary, not entirely effectively.

I like the Hampshire campus a lot. I really should visit more often. It has a lot more open space and woodsy areas than the Smith campus. I was surprised to learn that Hampshire has the fewest (1,176) undergraduates of all the 5 colleges. Discounting UMass Amherst (which with 19,061 undergraduates is more like a large town), Smith actually has the most (2,630) undergraduates of the 5. (Yes, this is the kind of thing i do to procrastinate. Mt. Holyoke is next with 2,065 undergrads, followed by Amherst with 1,695. Again, i had thought of Amherst as having more than Mt. Holyoke.)

30 minutes until Angel.
8 days until new Buffy episodes begin.
19 days until i go home.