April 23rd, 2002


I like split infinitives.

From the essay i just read:

"At the very moment that Frankenstein was first published, the British state suspended various civil rights (including that of habeas corpus) in order more effectively to counter the growing combativity of the unemployed and the working poor."

Am i the only person who think that would sound so much better if it read "in order to more effectively counter"?
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(Brief intro for anyone who doesn't know: A motto of sorts which appears on lots of Smith stuff is "This is about Smith." Recently there have been a number of racist and homophobic incidents which have raised awareness about problems on campus.)

Today i saw a flyer which said:

This is still about

This is still about

This is still about

This is still about Smith.

I thought that was interesting.

Someone (who will remain anonymous because this is from a locked entry) wrote:

"I will happily join any anti-cruelty vigils, discussions, sit-ins, or lectures. But throwing out terms like racism, sexism, classism, and homophobia creates automatic enemies. It produces more cruelty. By using these terms, the white people, the men, the rich people, and the straight people ALWAYS get defensive. And fear, in these situations, never leads to any kind of resolution."

I liked that.

I really have nothing to say about this issue, i just felt like posting both of those.
you think you know...

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Okay, i have stopped being addicted to Counting Crows for now. My roommate will be happy. By some bizarre coincidence, every time she came in to our room, "Time and Time Again" was playing, which is the only song on the mix CD that really bothers her. Now i'm playing Catie Curtis Your Shirt Looks Good on Me.

I have heard her do "Elizabeth" live twice. It's really cool to hear someone sing "my love, Elizabeth" (when one's name is Elizabeth). I really like the chorus of Counting Crows "Goodnight Elisabeth," though the song itself is sad because "Elisabeth" has left this guy. I think maybe i'll start collecting songs with my name in them. Much easier than drawing parallels between all the characters named Elizabeth in the books i've read (which i had started doing, until it started making my head hurt).
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