April 28th, 2002

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"A nation is not conquered until the hearts of its women are on the ground. Then it is done, no matter how brave its warriors nor how strong their weapons."
-Cheyenne proverb

I recently saw that in someone's AIM profile and did some Google searching to see if i could find any more info about it.

One of the links that came up was a scathing review of one of the Dear America books -- My Heart is on the Ground: The Diary of Nannie Little Rose, a Sioux Girl, Carlisle Indiana School, Pennsylvania, 1880 by Ann Rinaldi. I now really want to read the book and also want to read the recently published biography of Ann Rinaldi. The summary of the biography states:
Included is a discussion of the recent controversy that has flared over her portrayal of Native American boarding school experiences in "My Heart is on the Ground".

I read all the Amazon Customer Reviews of My Heart is on the Ground and was distressed both by the glowing reviews (because i had serious reservations about the book after reading the Rethinking Schools article) and the damning reviwes (because they added weight to the Rethinking Schools article and thereby made me more depressed about the book). The last review (chronologically the first) gave the book five stars and said:
I liked it! It was a very good book! I suppose it wasn't historicaly accurate and Charlsie was mutch more harsh than Ann Rindinaly discribed. It WAS NOT well reaserched. eather that or Nannie Little Rose was to happy and cheerful too notice! Besides that, it was cool!

That made me want to cry. Sloppy typing always aggravates me, but more than that i was so upset that this person was aware that it wasn't historically accurate, that the situation of children in the school was much worse than it is portrayed in the book, but this reader still praises the book because "it was cool!"
you think you know...

I have been wondering recently if i would feel better if i had a good cry...

...if that would be cathartic and beneficial in any way.

[Damn LiveJournal has a character limit for the Subject field.]

Anyway, recently i feel like i’m not supposed to like Smith. I’m supposed to be upset at the institutionalized racism, etc. I’m supposed to be disappointed with the academics. I’m supposed to be depressed at the lack of a social scene/Northampton night life. I’m supposed to be irritated at the cliquishness. I’m supposed to be disenchanted with how uninformed students are, blindly protesting the “cause of the moment.” I am supposed to be infuriated at the silencing of many diverse opinions. I am supposed to want to transfer. My question is, where would i go?

I was an Early Decision student. I knew in September that Smith was where i wanted to be. I wanted a small liberal arts college in the New England area, one with an activist bent, one where the higher-ups (incl. the faculty) care about the students, one with a good town or city easily accessible, one where people get along and are friendly. Where would you suggest i go? As much as i am upset and disheartened by Smith students at times, i don’t know anywhere that would be better. I really like Northampton, i really like this 5-College Consortium thing, for the most part i really like my classes, i have met lots of wonderful people here. Right now i would absolutely love to be home, done for the summer, away from Smith, back in Norwood. That saddens me. For the first time, i wish i were done with college. I think i will feel differently after a summer back in Norwood, though. I may even feel differently by the time i’m actually leaving at the end of this semester.
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My mom e-mailed me about Olive’s funeral. (Olive was the 92-year-old woman who died last Wednesday.) It sounds really wonderful and made me sorry i wasn’t there. Olive was a really wonderful lady. It makes me sad when these people die, but it also reminds me how much good one person can do in a lifetime. Insert cheesy “It inspires me...” here.

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