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June 2002 - hermionesviolin
Month View

Here are all the posts for this month by hermionesviolin:

12:38 am: I really should update more often.
11:39 pm: Proof that once in a while i really do get stuff done. - 12 comments

10:33 pm: This is not a GIP [Gratuitous Icon Post]. - 7 comments

02:33 pm: thoughts on being "home," and on a hierarchy of evils - 1 comment
02:39 pm: Massachusetts reps will vote on anti-gay proposal June 19th.
02:42 pm: lookie what i found
11:06 pm: This makes how many posts in one day?

02:42 pm: It's not even hate mail. - 4 comments

03:09 am: I couldn't sleep.
10:21 pm: With Michele gone, everything goes to pot.

07:24 pm: Title was going to be, "My life is a poem," - 4 comments
09:12 pm: In which i nitpick about the Harry Potter movie. - 7 comments

03:00 pm: A busy, yet boring, week. - 5 comments
05:01 pm: Shit that freaks me out. - 4 comments
10:30 pm: And happier stuff. - 4 comments

12:20 pm: informal poll - 5 comments
07:35 pm: Wow, i write really long entries even when i'm not trying to.

01:41 am: iconage/Buffy-ness
11:53 pm: Because i have nothing to say but i like posting.

02:01 am: After 2 hours of looking aseeking: screencapst BtVS images i am going to bed. - 11 comments

12:47 am: Am spending all together too many hours searching for screencaps. - 8 comments
11:57 pm: "i don't even think i could follow a map to that place in your life." - 9 comments

01:33 am: That’s why they pay me the big bucks...
01:43 am: I should go to bed earlier. I want a new default pic. I will get a paid user account.
07:15 pm: It is entirely possible that i spend altogether too much time posting on LJ.

11:18 pm: adventures in Boston... - 2 comments
11:25 pm: This is me, getting back into fiction. - 2 comments

12:12 am: Today was a good day. - 5 comments
12:39 am: I still don't know how i got on the TVC mailing list. - 4 comments
01:11 am: I am a paid user. - 8 comments
11:50 pm: a mundane day, ended with some deep thoughts

11:39 pm: At 2:00 today, AOL weather said it was 90 degrees.

02:17 am: gratuitous vent session
08:58 am: and now, a fluff piece
06:50 pm: "and so, too, i move toward you..."
10:48 pm: My mother says i should stop reading the Letters to the Editor.
11:30 pm: "Do you know what you are, Harmony? You're a sheep."

11:20 pm: People are, complicated.

03:03 pm: weekend