June 16th, 2002

you think you know...

Wow, i write really long entries even when i'm not trying to.

So my brother comes home from work around 5:15 yesterday. (He works at Puddingstone, the used bookstore downtown where Joe and i met -- because we were both working there -- and which Joe loves way more than i do.) “Joe says Hi” he tells me. “Joe [last name withheld because i feel like it]?” “Yeah, he’s down at the store now.” So of course i had to call him on his cell. We had chatted on AIM a bit the night before, but we were basically, “Yeah, I’ve been really busy,” without really saying anything. So i called him and he said he’d just gotten home, hadn’t really expected to come home and was going to call me but then he saw my brother and figured i’d call him. 0:-) Anyway, he was still at the store, talking to Diane (the proprietor), so he said he’d call me back. I even kept people offline and was annoyed when he never called. So i called him this afternoon and he said he’d called around 7 last night and it had just rung and rung. Why is our phone messed up sometimes? So we were both sad about that, but i was happy that he really had called. He was gonna have family dinner, though, (that afternoon Sunday dinner thing) and then head back to school ‘cause he has work and class tomorrow, so he couldn’t really talk, but he said he’d call me this week. Yay! I’m honestly not crushing, but i am fond of this boy and would like to stay in touch with him.

Dragged myself to church today. This guy talked about the weekly men’s fellowship group at our church and said, “Come three times, and if you don’t feel blessed, don’t come back.” If that were true of my church i would be so gone so long ago. It made me think of a conversation i had with a couple of my high school teachers a year or two ago, though. I said i would send kids down to the office much more often than they do, and they said that part of it is a belief that if the kids are in the classroom there is at least the chance that they’ll learn something, whereas they can’t if they’re down at the dean’s office. I thought that was interesting.

There was this teenage boy at church today. Short spiked black hair with two long blue strips and a nose ring. Definitely looks a bit out of place in my church. I was definitely intrigued, though. I wanna talk to him. My mom said she’s seen him with Rebecca, the mother of the baby who was baptized last week. She said maybe he’s the father. She said his hair was orange last time.

Read Are Gay Rights Right?: A Controversy, a 1990 book by Roger J. Magnuson yesterday. Made me furious. Misperceptions and exaggerations galore, though even more annoyingly there were some good points made as well. I think i need to do some fiction reading. Getting sucked into research/political reading can be depressing.

Somehow i got on the Traditional Values Coalition mailing list, which is interesting. I get to hear about cool stuff like Nickelodeon’s My Family Is Different program (scheduled to air June 18) and interesting stuff like a new “Gender-Neutral” Bible and “the first transgendered pastor assigned to a Christian church in America.” The only problem is that in making me aware of all these news stories it means lots more research for me to do because i’ve inherited from my dad a need to do thorough research on issues before making up my mind on them. Semi-relatedly, i really need to get better about writing letters to people about stuff i care about, applauding or criticizing broadcasters, legislators, etc.

I’ve changed my default icon. It’s an icon i made with Angelfire GifWorks. Not great, but i like it. You can still vote for my new Tara icon, though. Eventually i’m going to give in to temptation and icon lust and get a paid account.

Yay for being able to continue being a Buffy addict even in my non-FX household. Last Sunday i got sucked into watching King of the Hill at 11:30 because there was this vegetarian girl and i thought it sounded like she was being voiced by Sarah Michelle Gellar (she was). After it was over my brother reminded me that Buffy reruns at midnight on Sundays. It turned out to be “This Year’s Girl,” which comes right after “Goodbye Iowa” which was the last FX rerun i saw. I’m not super excited about “Who Are You?” (tonight’s episode), but the rest of Season 4 (Superstar, Where The Wild Things Are, New Moon Rising, The Yoko Factor, Primeval, Restless) is great. Gonna have to tape some of them when we’re away in July. Then today my brother starts to channel surf and hits Buffy. “Beauty and the Beasts.” Good ep. The end reminded me of why B/A soulmate shipperdom runs so deep. I’d forgotten about Scott. He’s so sweet. And normal. (Is there Buffy/Scott fic anywhere?) 'Course that probably means he would be too normal, unable to cope with the whole Slayer thing. Riley had issues, but Buffy didn’t have to hide Slayer stuff from him. She didn’t even have to protect him from it, much, which seems to be a recurrent theme in her relationships (with everyone, not just dating), the problem of having to protect people from the hazards of Slayerness. Yes, i am an addict. So this summer will be almost all of Season 3, then most of Season 4 Sundays at 6, and the rest of Season 4, then Season 5 Sundays at midnight.