June 17th, 2002

you think you know...


Okay, so i get online tonight and there’s a new buffy_icons post, and the first icon is a Buffy/Scott one. I thought that was a neat coincidence after my earlier post querying about Buffy/Scott fic. (All the icons postcardjunkie made are really good, by the way. Check them out.)

Speaking of icons, i’m still getting used to seeing a grey Ani instead of my brownish Tara icon.

Saw “Who Are You?” tonight. Aw, early Willow and Tara with the sweet subtext. I love that Tara progressed to such a stronger character, but i wish they’d done more with her power and intuitiveness and stuff. It was really interesting watching Faith in Buffy’s body, esp. the part with Riley. She was so scared by his honest love. I liked how she started to get into being the good Slayer. Okay, i should stop now and go to bed.
you think you know...

Because i have nothing to say but i like posting.

I am quite fond of Neil Gaiman’s journal. My favorite entries are definitely the April 8th/10th entries on slash fanfic and the April 13th entry about his daughter helping at a signing, but i also really like the bit in the June 16th entry about people “adopting” books. I need to read more of his stuff. No MLN library has Coraline yet, but all of the Sandman trade paperbacks are in the system, so when i get back from vacation in July i’m totally requesting them all through interlibrary loan. It’s mostly Cambridge and Somerville that have them. Someone asked me one time what my life would have been like if i’d grown up in Cambridge -- i lived there for the first year of my life. My life would definitely have been much different. I would have missed out on some great people, though.

And for anyone who cares, there’s an interesting InstPundit entry about Central Americans referring to the U.S. World Cup team as "el equipo de todos nosotros" (the team of all of us). Yes, i love my blog-addict father.

[Oh, the girl i mentioned who was going to marry her Internet boyfriend. My friend just told me, "she's not getting married. apparently her boyfriend is cheating on her." As awful as i'm sure that is for her, i am gladdened in a way.]