June 26th, 2002

you think you know...

At 2:00 today, AOL weather said it was 90 degrees.

As i was walking to work today a monarch butterfly flew right by me. I can’t remember the last time i saw a monarch butterfly.
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My three hours in children’s consisted mainly of photocopying, looking things up, and looking helpful. Nice. I learned that the copy machine paper is not kept in the (fourth floor) supply room, but rather in the (first floor) boiler room. Irene said it’s because the attic isn’t meant to hold that much weight. Oh that makes me feel so good about walking around on that floor.

Part of what i did today was looking up all the books listed in the poetry section of the Children’s Catalog, eighteenth edition to see which ones we didn’t own. The vast majority of the poetry books we didn’t own were by African-American authors or were about experiences in places like Trinidad.

Hope asked me what my shirt said. “This is what a feminist looks like.” “I didn’t know feminists had a certain look.” “Well, it’s to respond to the stereotype that all feminists are scary.” “I’ve always considered myself a feminist, and i don’t think i’m scary.” I love people sometimes.

Oh, forgotten bit from yesterday. My grandma was saying that when she moved back East from Alaska she got a job here before she got back to the North Shore. (She grew up in the Beverly/Salem area, so that’s where she intended to move back with her kids when she came back to the Northeast.) So i could have grown up on the North Shore; if Grandma had raised her kids there, my mom probably would have moved back there after college. Interesting the places i could as easily have grown up. Wonder where i’ll end up, where i’ll raise my kids if i have any.
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