July 9th, 2002

professional me, self


My mommy wrote “Happy Birthday Elizabeth” with a soap bar on the bathroom mirror. Aww. :)

Mostly the day was boring, though, as all the days have been since we’ve been here. Boring is nice, though. It’s been downpouring sporadically, which is good because the area really needs the rain. I stood out on the porch with my dad during the first one, but there was no impressive thunder and lightning.

We used to be here for my birthday with some frequency, and we would always see birthday bunnies in my grandparents’ garden. I didn’t see any today, but my brother saw a deer (he was up at six in the morning) and my grandpa said he saw a birthday groundhog, and during lunch there was an attractive butterfly/moth on the window behind me.

My grandma (the one who lives in Norwood) and my Aunt Marian called tonight. They were the only people i expected to call to wish me a Happy Birthday, so that was fine. And when Marian called, she and Sean and Robert (her 5-year-old son and her husband, respectively) all sang Happy Birthday to me, which was sweet. My grandma misses me, which was sweet. Marian says Sean is incredibly excited about seeing us. I talked to him briefly. We haven’t seen him a couple years. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing him and spending time with him and stuff when we’re in Binghamton next week.

My mommy made me a way cool cake as always. This one was like a word search. It said ELIZABETH SWEENY IS SPECIAL in purple, and in various other colors had YAY POOH, BEAR, BOOK, BUFFY, LIBRARY, READ, SMITH, SPIKE, WORD, WRITER, and ZINE. She was going to include PERKS (the coffeeshop downtown that i’m quite fond of) and ENGLISH, but they wouldn’t fit. Have i mentioned recently how much i love my mom?

And i got a card and a check from my grandparents.

And in case it is at all relevant, my astronet.com horoscope says:
All of Cancer's energy and efforts come from a loving place. You're capable, popular and right. Desire drives you while intuition steers. If you follow this course, it could be just the beginning.

Oh, and an amusing story. We’re celebrating my brother’s birthday on Thursday, even though his real birthday is August 1 (my present to him is that i’lll be in NYC -- hee) because we never get to celebrate his birthday with my grandparents. So he’s calling Thursday his birthday “observed.” At one point today i said something about how he should be nice to me because it’s my birthday and he said, “It’s my birthday observed… today” and i said “on Thursday” and he said “by me.” Maybe you hadda be there, but i was very amused, and it’s been a running joke all night.

And of course a birthday entry wouldn’t be complete without a public notice that Sharon did indeed remember my birthday. :-D

[And wholly unrelated to anything, Buffy icons to Don McLean’s “American Pie”. Wow.]