July 18th, 2002

you think you know...

"she knows, she's been here too few years to feel this old..."

This is the best article i have read explaining why the dead/evil lesbian cliche is such a problem. Oh, i've read just about every article slayage.com has linked to, and i understand all the reasoning, but this is the first article that has made me actually feel it. Take that, Robert. ("I feel like you've been programmed to think, not to feel." And people wonder why i don't talk about WTC? I don't mean to say we deserved it, because of course no one deserves that least of all the innocent victims. And i'm not trying to work on a slippery slope that leads to justfiying the Holocaust. But there's more to this than just saying it was a tragedy and feeling bad for the victims. Yeah, i left that story out of my Binghamton entry. I'll share the whole story if anyone is really intersted. Suffice it to say that i have issues with Robert sometimes. But i'm currently in a stage where i am happy with how my life is and i am sick of feeling like i have to defend how i was raised, my choices, my opinions, anything.)

I feel so popular. NYC plans are more and more coming together. I have little hope for a Joe-UNH kidnapping, but i guess if i have no expectation i can't be pleasantly surprised, right? And he seemed to fel bad about it, which is worth something. Aly wants me to visit her, and i'd really love to. Bus or train is over $100 round trip, but i'm keeping the Aug 10-14 block open. I'll figure something out. Jonah and i are going to the MFA next Tuesday. Look, a boy who is capable of making plans!

I need to make a to-do list because i'm starting to forget items there are so many of them.

Oh, and thanks to sk8eeyore for posting a link to vipe.org in her LJ.

And if GroupWise (Smith's e-mail) would start working consistently, that would really make me quite happy.

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