July 25th, 2002

professional me, self

to all you stylish people out there

So i have basically decided that i am going to have my haircut to my chin. Like my roommate's girlfriend's. Only that doesn't mean anything to anyone who reads this (except my mom), so having looked at the current ELLE i can safely say that i want roughly Julia Stiles' new haircut, only without the funny styling she did in that shoot. Anyway, my question is: should i get a side part, or stay with the down the middle part?

5 hours and 4 asprin later i still have a headache. What is up?
you think you know...

Days that don't suck.

Yes, despite the headache, my day didn’t suck. I had a nice morning with my grandma and a nice afternoon at work. (Working circulation is so dangerous. I see so many things to take home when i already have too much to do and too much to read. For now i can use the excuse that it’ll be good reading material for the long bus rides. Laurel, do you really want me to come to Philly Aug. 10-14? ‘Cause i’m totally there if you’re serious about me coming.)

I got my Plimpton scholarship check today (That is why you always open your mail before throwing it away, even if it looks like it’s gonna be junk mail.) and it was for $300 more than i had expected. Woot. And i got an e-mail back from Smith’s Office of Financial Aid saying "Your financial aid package has not yet been determined. You should receive an award letter in the next two to four weeks, and a revised bill will be included with it. There will be no late fees charged on your account until September 5th." That was my assumption, but i’m glad to have it verified. Bills for $18,000 are scary things. Now if the postal service could just deliver saava’s mix CDs i would be one happy camper. (Though i got 2 CDs from my grandma today -- belated birthday presents -- so that made me happy.) Plans for tomorrow include making the bajillion mix CDs i owe so many people. Good times. (She says not sarcastically.)

Oh, and thanks to oatmilk i have been greatly amusing myself going through the archives of the serial killers are people too comic.

(I’ve been using this icon all over the place tonight and i’m not really sure why. My head’s not up for lots of thought, so i’m just going with it.)

[Things that do suck, though, that annoy the piss out of me in fact, include getting the LiveJournal message This journal is in read-only mode right now while database maintenance is performed on the server where the journal is located. Try again in several minutes. Of course, if you’re reading this then LJ has allowed me to update and i feel much better.]