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August 2002 - hermionesviolin
Month View

Here are all the posts for this month by hermionesviolin:

06:20 pm: I'm home.
06:58 pm: In my online travels.. - 3 comments

06:48 pm: slayage.com says - 10 comments

01:25 pm: random pieces of musical information
03:35 pm: i'm just a fountain of pop culture this weekend
03:39 pm: i had to, given all my recent postings
03:55 pm: forking a...
10:21 pm: in the spirit of sheep and randomness...
10:30 pm: This is the plan.

01:35 am: (no subject) - 1 comment
04:03 pm: "I don't know when I noticed life was life at my expense..." - 3 comments
04:43 pm: "some other fool across the ocean years ago must have crashed his little airplane..."
05:51 pm: various things which have been running around my head - 3 comments
11:57 pm: "My place is of the sun and this place is of the dark..." - 3 comments

12:05 am: I heart this shit. - 1 comment
12:31 am: I heart working at my library. - 1 comment
01:26 am: random bits before i head to bed

10:14 pm: too legit to quit
11:39 pm: I am such a perpetual student. - 2 comments
11:56 pm: My brain is tired.

11:51 am: Do i emit some sort of vibe that attracts sketchy guys? - 2 comments
09:43 pm: Letters to the Editor from the last 3 issues of the Norwood Bulletin

12:16 am: updating - 2 comments
05:35 pm: I love my new haircut. (And, yes, eventually i’ll post pictures.) - 4 comments
09:32 pm: We had a bat in our house. - 1 comment
11:36 pm: on dairy and cramps - 2 comments

01:08 am: Is there some sort of "Slash Is My Anti-Drug" club i should know about?
08:50 pm: updating again
09:51 pm: i used to call myself a writer
10:28 pm: if this doesn't come out in the U.S. it is all about the international ordering - 1 comment

12:05 am: "i used to be a superhero. no one could touch me, not even myself." - 2 comments
01:43 am: (no subject)
10:17 am: (no subject)
02:14 pm: an update - 2 comments

02:52 am: Too many topics all in one entry. - 3 comments
05:44 pm: I am trying to get caught up on everything.
09:15 pm: in which Elizabeth talks about money - 7 comments
11:32 pm: I like quoting/citing/linking.

01:15 am: the weekend so far
10:49 pm: I would do this the day before the heat wave’s supposed to break, right? - 1 comment
11:12 pm: I'm not sure whether to vomit or cry.

12:05 am: I am way too amused by this shit.

11:17 pm: Discuss. - 3 comments

11:34 pm: some kind of update - 3 comments

10:14 am: I have e-mail again!

01:55 pm: My paper journal entries are beginning to read like LiveJournal entries. - 6 comments

12:44 am: "oh apologies, no apologies"
12:12 pm: I may procrastinate, but i can get my act together. - 4 comments
05:27 pm: People have so many layers.
08:08 pm: thoughts from the memorial service, part two - 2 comments
10:47 pm: “where was your conscience? where was your consciousness?” - 3 comments

12:21 am: when i added Ani's Revelling/Reckoning to my half.com wishlist, i got: - 2 comments

12:25 am: Wow. Way to get a form letter.
01:07 am: Yes, i'm still writing as if it were Monday.
06:19 pm: This sketchy shit needs to STOP. - 1 comment

06:35 pm: Damn i have a lot of crap in the basement. - 2 comments
08:18 pm: icon making request - 4 comments
11:20 pm: This is the end of the conversation (for now, anyway) because i have no response. - 1 comment

12:07 am: (no subject)
12:19 am: I am only mildly overwhelmed. - 4 comments
12:22 am: I am disappearing again.
09:10 am: One more thing before i go. - 2 comments
09:31 am: Yes, i'm still online while my family packs or something. - 1 comment