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burning like matchsticks in the face of the darkness
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Friday, August 2nd, 2002

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I'm home.
In celebration of my brother's birthday, we're going to Outback Steakouse for dinner (salad and french fries, baby) and then to Mad Maggies (yay, pool!) tonight.

I made an appointment to get my haircut at 12 tomorrow. Then i'm going to a pool party from 2-5.

A lengthy entry about my wonderful NYC trip, complete with gratuitous hyperlinkage and song quotage will probably arrive sometime on Monday.

Hugs to offbalance (hope you're feeling better), quasisonic (sorry i didn't get to say goodbye to you this morning), and stumbledhere. It was wonderful to meet you all (and all the non-LJ people i met as well)

Current Mood: It's raining.
In my online travels..
I found out (here) that "Ani has announced that she will be releasing another double CD live album, to be in stores September 10. the albums will be entitled so much shouting, so much laughter." [Bonus points to anyone who knows where the title comes from.] According to that site, though, the track list is almost all old songs (though i love a lot of the songs, so i'm not complaining -- much). It includes "self-evident," though, and that alone will make everyone buy it. It's basically a second Living in Clip.

The RBR press release is here. Google searching i also learned that i can "check out her new movie, "Render," a mix of concert footage and on-the-road interviews." Articles about the movie are located here and here. And here's another site about the new album.

Current Mood: I'm heading out...

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