August 7th, 2002

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I heart this shit.

So i barely use my AOL account anymore, but when i’m home it’s how i sign on to the Internet, so i still have an AOL profile (different screenname) from a year or two ago. Now, the important information for these stories is that in high school i played violin and had a zine with accompanying website and this information was (is) in my profile.

A few weeks ago i got an e-mail from another AOL user wondering if i was the girl she met at a Chamber Music Festival in Tennessee a few weeks ago (she had a question about the chin rests).

A couple nights ago i got IMed by a 31-year-old woman regarding my website. She was interested in chatting, but not after she found out i was 19, because we wouldn’t have much in common. I resented this, but i understand.

What prompted this entry, though, was an IM from “Jiva my Niva.”

Jiva my Niva: u play the violin?

His name’s Joe. (We won’t get into how i already have too many Joes in my life.) He’s a 20-year-old student at New England Tech for Video and Radio Productions, from Smithfield, RI, looking for a violin player for his band.

The distance thing makes it a no go for me, plus the fact that thy have a regular gig every Wednesday night and next semester i have crazy busy Thursdays.

Jiva my Niva: mugshots every wed night
Jiva my Niva: 944 manton ave
prov. ri
Jiva my Niva: call the bar 1st though b4 u go bc we might be movin our gigs to a bigger place soon
Jiva my Niva: its called sal's in johnston, ri
Jiva my Niva: just so u know if ur really interested
Jiva my Niva: u can be our 1st long distance

Is it wrong that i not only totally wanna go to a gig but that it makes me sad that i can’t be in their band?
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I heart working at my library.

On my way to the wing to get a newspaper for someone, i saw The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love on the book sale rack, so i stole it. Also, eventually i will borrow Into the Woods because Norwood owns it, and the 9 video BBC series The Story of English because i want to.

I accidentally ended up with two copies of Out of Range and Puddle Dive (long story) so i donated them to the library because no one else in the system has them. Now all i need to do is get Not So Soft and Imperfectly for Norwood and we’ll be all set. I find it mildly odd that MLN has stuff like The Past Didn’t Go Anywhere and Ani’s Swing Set EP but they don’t have two (formerly four) of her regular albums.

I was awash in compliments on the new haircut. Margot said, “Of course, you look about 12 years old.” Gee, thanks, Margot. I used to say i looked 14 and then just recently i upgraded to 16. After the haircut, though i’ve stopped caring. Eventually i will post pictures, though, and i think i’ll include a poll as to how old i look. And yes, i know i’ll appreciate it when i’m older. I can see this looking at my 43-year-old mother who could still pass for later 20s if she tried. Though looking 20-something for the rest of my life is hardly something that thrills me. Sharon and i were discussing this and we would gladly trade our ends of the “not looking our age” spectrum. I was reminded of Linda and Alaina wanting to trade hair (very curly versus super straight). Sharon said “all of my friends love the hair I have, that dries in like 15 minutes without a blowdrier and never tangles, and I would kill for curly hair.” I must admit i’ve never really wanted to trade my hair. A slightly more interesting color, maybe, and perhaps a bit more body, but i’m quite content with straight hair. But yes, back to the library. After Margot said that (and please do understand that she teases a lot, as does everyone i work with, really) i was telling everyone what she said and most everyone assured me that i did not in fact look 12. Beth was effusive in praise of the haircut. She also said i look college age. I was much with the happy. Jane said short hair is supposed to make you look older, and i said that’s what i’d thought. Terry said i don’t look 12, i look 15, and later he called me his 14-year-old-girl. Oh yes, i feel the love. Actually, the first thing he said to me (when he first saw me, much earlier in the day) was “You got your hair cut after all.” What the hell kind of response is that? I had told him on Friday (July 26) i was gonna get my hair cut, and when i came in on Monday (July 29) without it cut he asked me about and i told him i was gonna get it cut after i got back from New York. [He was the only person at work, incidentally, who knew i was gonna get my hair cut.] I asked him about it later and he said he totally didn’t think i would really go through with it. Okay then.

This amused me.

Here is your horoscope for Tuesday, August 6.
Everyone is welcome. Other Signs may complain, but Cancer is overjoyed at a fresh start. Your instincts are reliable. Boundaries are observed but not enforced. The honor system is in effect these days.
pineapple, booze, confused

random bits before i head to bed

Posts of library love make me happy.

Look. The bottom one. "Slash is my anti-drug." I just love that sentence.

Beth is impressed by my incredible busyness. I'm flattered. I also feel motivated to live up to it. I spend altogether too much time making mix CDs recently, but i have decided that is okay. The plan for tomorrow [today] is mix CDs and letters, because then i will have way fewer excuses to not go through the warehouse of my room. (27 days until i return to Smith....) Oh, and did i mention that i'm working from 9-5? I need a brain transplant. I also need to hear from Laurel or else i'm not going to Philly and i will have turned down days of work for nothing (not to mention missed out on seeing her, though there's always flying down to Florida on Winter Break...).