August 14th, 2002

you think you know...

updating again

Went through my drawer of hair accessories yesterday. Most productive thing i’ve done in ages. I got rid of a lot of stuff i’m never gonna use, sorted through the stuff i’m gonna keep, and now have a lovely collection of hair clips to take back to school with me.

Made another post office run today. Thanks to offbalance, a CD is on its way to stumbledhere at work. :)

Spent a good few hours at the library, reading, enjoying the air-conditioning. Why am i never working during a heat wave?
you think you know...

i used to call myself a writer

Reading Cindy’s “ice cream” story in Doris #17 (for i think the third time) made me think about the “vicarious autobiography” i told Sharon about last semester (fiction that’s really the way i wish my life were). [I actually entertained the idea of making a LiveJournal, a totally fictitious me. There's something appealing about that.]

And then Laurel started threatening Internet shin-kicking to motivate me to write femslashy goodness. I have various evil Whedonverse plot bunnies running around my brain. If i’m gonna say it’s too hot to go through my boxes of crap i should do something productive, right?
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