August 15th, 2002

angry - books

"i used to be a superhero. no one could touch me, not even myself."

So i broke down and was gonna get myself a fictitious vicarious autobiography LJ. Then when i tried to do it i found out that a livejournal username can be no longer than 15 characters, so "vicariousautobiography" is not an option. So have to come up with a username. Sigh.

Also, Laurel, i don't know what's up, but my brain is rebelling or something and is all about the boyslash and the squicky het bunnies, depsite my repeated admonishments to write femslash for you.
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My father and brother bought junk food today. 'Course none of it is stuff i like - cool ranch doritos, cheese flavored chip things, wheat thins, poptarts. No ice cream. No regular potato chips. No frozen french fries. We also have no fruit. Sigh.

I'm working 6-9(pm). Depending on the miserable factor, i may have my dad drop me off at the air-conditioned library way early.

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I started reading Howard Zinn’s You Can’t Be Neutral On A Moving Train this morning, and in the Introduction he talks about being asked “Given the depressing news of what is happening in the world, you seem surprisingly optimistic. What gives you hope?” and how he would answer that. Near the end of the chapter he says that in many ways throughout his life he has been lucky, “And so I have no right to despair. I insist on hope.”
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an update

My daddy bought Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup ice cream today because he loves me. He also bought frozen french fries. Still no fruit, but we have more carrots.

Got my financial aid letter today. We do not in fact owe Smith college $18,000, thank all that is holy. A small loan is arranged for us (basically covering what i got in nonrenewable scholarships last year) but i think we can safely decline it, though it may be a bit tight. (Yes, i have been extremely blessed financial-aid-wise and have now gotten it into my head that i don’t want to graduate with any loans.) The bill reminded me to actually look for a work-study job, though, so for the next while i will be residing online at the Student Employment Index.

Oh, and i got about 25 pages into Joe Queenan’s book My Goodness and just couldn’t keep going. It is not an interesting book. You Can’t be Neutral On A Moving Train was quite good, though. And now i have Dar’s “I Had No Right” stuck in my head.