August 21st, 2002

you think you know...

some kind of update

The cleaning bug i caught on Saturday seems to have fully vanished. Plus, 8 hour days (over half of which are spent on my feet) have been wearying me. I still don’t like background music. I need to start writing in my paper journal again to commit to paper all the stories i want to remember. It is bad that i am not up for writing down anecdotes, either here or on paper.

Am i the only one who is having issues with GroupWise? Since about Monday night i have been getting “Please login again. You may have typed your name or password incorrectly. Remember that passwords are case sensitive.” Did they reset the passwords or something?

I am trying to be organized.

I am caught in a middle, between wanting to stay here and wanting to go back to Smith. There is both too much and too little time between now and September 3rd. I want September 3rd to just hurry up and get here so i can get back into being there, instead of in this awkward stage of being here but with everything pushing towards being there.

All books checked out today were due September 11 (3 weeks from today). Only 3 people i waited on made any verbal recognition of that. I think most people don’t even really hear me when i say the date their books are due. Plus, with it so often being referred to as “9-11” i think “September 11th” doesn’t click for a lot of people, especially not so out of context.

I am still reading. I keep quitting books i can’t get into. Right now i’m reading Reproductive Rights And Wrongs: The Global Politics of Population Control and Contraceptive Choice by Betsy Hartmann (from 1987). I think i’ll actually persevere in this one, but i make no promises.