August 27th, 2002

you think you know...

Yes, i'm still writing as if it were Monday.

Today was a busy busy day at work.

I sent flamingnik's mix CDs and received saava's.

I got another idea for a Buffy song set and another idea for a themed mix CD.

I heard back from 7 of the work-study jobs i applied for. I felt happiest about the responses from Jean at Neilson and Janet at Josten, but i still e-mailed my shoddy resume to Sondra at the Northampton Arts Council, Valerie at SSW, and Susan at the Archives, because they asked me to.

Part of me thinks that of course i am qualified to do any of these jobs and i should just pick which one i most want to do, and part of me thinks that anyone attending Smith is capable of doing most of these jobs, so i should get my ass in gear, after all i can always turn down a receptionist job if i think i'm going to get a library job. But i hate quitting. But then i start feeling not qualified enough for the library jobs. And then there are all sorts of pros and cons -- how many hours am i gonna get in each job (maxing out the money, versus plenty of time for classwork and extracurriculars), off-campus versus on- (getting to know more people on campus versus getting to know people off campus), generic office skills versus actual library skills. And then i wonder if i'm thinking way too much about a minimum wage college job.

As evidenced by my last post, i heard back from Ms. Brady and e-mailed her back.

I found something new to make me vomit/cry. (Especially bad after reading Mimi Slander's stuff.) - McAfrika attack for burger giant - August 24, 2002

Tomorrow i am meeting a friend for lunch, during my break, and going to an orthodontist appointment during my lunch hour.

Tomorrow is my last day at work.

Tomorrow night my father may take me shopping, and Wednesday morning i'm visiting my grandmother, and Wednesday night the thrift store is having a bag sale, and Thursday i think we're leaving for New Hampshire.

I am working on being organized and productive within my whirlwind.

I haven't seen oatmilk or athene on LJ in (what feels like) ages.
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you think you know...

This sketchy shit needs to STOP.

In IM it's amusing, but in real life it is so fired.

I was walking home today around 5:30 and a car pulls up next to me. I stop. The driver offers me a ride home and i say "No thanks, i'm all set." I tend to refuse rides in general. I assume this guy is the husband of someone i work with or the father of someone i went to school with.

He mentions the beautiful weather and i agree. He compliments me on my butterfly t-shirt.

He says i look familiar but he can't place where. Okay. I mention that i work at the public library, but he doesn't seem quite sure that that's where he knows me from. I mention that i go to United Church. Nope, he goes to St. Mary's. I say a lot of people think i look familiar because i work at the public library. Unless he has a kid who went to Norwood High. At this point he asks me if i'm doing anything tonight, if i date. "I really need to get home," i say because it is the best thing i can think of to say quickly. He politely drives off.

I emit exclamation marks of varying emotions the rest of the way home. This is even sketchier than when i passed a guy waiting at a bus stop and he told me i was very pretty and was there any way he could get in touch with me. This guy fucking offered to drive me home. Is the whole little girl look such hot shit?