August 29th, 2002

you think you know...

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There is great comfort in not caring what someone thinks of you. I think that is why i tell things to people i'm not very close to that i don't tend to tell other people.
you think you know...

I am only mildly overwhelmed.

The problem with applying for 14 jobs is that when half of them e-mail you back expressing interest in employing you, you have to decide on a job. (See my conflicts here.) So for now i am just sending out resumes and when i get to Smith i will place lots of calls setting up interviews, get a better feel for all of the jobs, and pray.

Anyone who wants to plug a particular job (thanks for your feedback, marginaliana) is welcome to do so. The jobs i'm up for as of right now are:

Student Assistant in the Preparations Section of Neilson Library
Student Assistant to the Director's Office in the Museum of Art
Administrative Assistant for the Northampton Arts Council
Student Assistant at Werner Josten Library of the Performing Arts
SSW Alumni/Continuing Ed Student Assistant
Receptionist in the Sophia Smith Collection and College Archives
Assistant in Acquisitions in Neilson Library
Library Aide at Forbes Library
Office Assistant in the Center for Public Representation
Administrative Assistant at the Northampton Community Music Center
you think you know...

I am disappearing again.

Today i am leaving with my family to go to New Hampshire. We will return on Monday, at which point i will finish packing because we leave Tuesday morning to take me back to Smith. I will probably not be online until after i get myself set up at Smith. I look forward to lots of e-mails and LJ comments when i return, though. *hint, hint* ;-)
you think you know...

One more thing before i go.

From: Valerie Schumacher
To: Elizabeth Sweeny
Date: Wednesday - August 28, 2002 2:59 PM
Subject: payroll question

Hi, your email was forwarded to me regarding your question about work-study. Students can work over breaks and also over interterm and there is ample opportunity to earn the entire $2,260 over the academic year which encompasses 17 pay periods (each period is 2 wks) even at $7. There are some higher paying jobs on campus that you can look into, you can also do spot jobs or exam work or the phone-a-thon. You're basically allowed one "permanent" job and generally upperclass students work about 10 hrs a wk. You can work more than that as long as you stay within your $2,260 work-study limit. Valerie

Valerie Schumacher
Student Employment/Fund Coordinator
Student Financial Services Office
i fight fire with words

Yes, i'm still online while my family packs or something.

An e-mail from my dad:
Click here: Lifestyles of the Poor and Obscure
This is hardly a new thought, but it sounds a hell of a lot like the southern slave-owner asserting that his darkies are happy, that freeing them would be unnatural and actually make things worse, and that people who think otherwise just don't understand.

An interesting Reason article my dad e-mailed me.

And one more e-mail from my dad:
Click here: Philadelphia Inquirer | 07/19/2002 | Foes of 'green' power: Environmentalists
One thing that has always bothered me is people arguing in favor of some kind of power generation and pretending it has no environmental impacts. EVERY kind has some. Like so much else, it's a matter of the individual costs and benefits.