September 3rd, 2002

i do it for the joy it brings

Back in the Bubble.

I am mostly unpacked and settled. We fit everything in the Focus. I was impressed. At some point i have to buy laundry detergent. Not sure what happened to the still partially full container i brought home with me. Oh well. Also have to put money on my OneCard and get cash from the ATM, but those can wait. The textbook plan is to go early tomorrow morning (so as to beat the crowds). I have 25 books to get. And i already bought 16 online. And i am registered for 6 classes, so i should be returning a lot of these books later on (because 6 classes, mostly literature classes, plus work-study is insane). I also have to arrange for lots of work-study interviews. Sigh. Somewhere in Lamont's trunk room should be a garbage bag with a dry erase board and some other stuff, but i couldn't find it, so i am without for now. Tomorrow i'll look again.

I feel kinda like a first year again, not knowing most of the people in my house. And of course i am no more social than i ever was. My room (212) is at the head of the stairs, so perhaps other people will come be social. (Yeah, i know, i'll try to be social.)

Meredith, i have the "Women Unite Take Back the Night" bumper sticker if you still want it.

Oh, and thanks to cicelian for my new icon. I am now on the hunt for a cap to make into a confused icon. [Well really have someone else make for me, 'cause i suck at making icons.] I'm thinking maybe Anya. Any suggestions?

Boca Burger and french fries and cucumbers and peach juice for lunch today made me happy. Hoping dinner will be similarly yummy.

And the requisite link to an interesting editorial.
i do it for the joy it brings

postscript, regarding my room

Now that i don't have twelve different things on my mind (putting them all down in a LiveJournal entry gets them off of my immediate mind and preserves my sanity) i need to mention that i love my room. I really really do. And it has a lovely floor, so if anyone wants a blue rug for her room, lemme know and you can borrow the one Allison left me. I also ended up with 3 of those red network cords, so if anyone needs one of those, i have 2 to spare.

Dinner was lovely. Seeing people i haven't seen all summer, vegan cutlets etc., and a table full of way cool first years. Good times.
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i do it for the joy it brings

affirmative decorating

I don't have a dry-erase board, but i do have a decorated door. I printed out "Start a Revolution... Stop Hating Your Body" and "Practice Guilt-Free Food Consumption" from One Angry Girl Designs and put them up on my door, along with my "If the people lead, eventually the leaders will follow" bumper sticker, the "You Go Grrls" poster my mom made for me, and a terribly girly and little kiddish "Free Hugs Available Inside" computer printout.

Inside my room i have 3 stuffed lizards on my computer, a plastic one on my phone, my stuffed blue faience hippopotamus, the wonderful vase Joanna decorated for me (both on my bookcase), and the lovely watercolor Maureen made for me (next to my bed).

Eventually my Escher hand drawing poster will go up above my desk.