September 11th, 2002

i do it for the joy it brings

and you'll say "girl did you kick some butt" and i'll say "i don't really remember"

Filling out Pat Skarda’s “Student Introduction for Romantic Poetry and Prose,” i found that, for now at least, i am done attempting to impress professors. I’m just putting myself on the paper, no pretensions except my own fun playing with pretensions. I feel like this is how my semester has been so far, just me doing my own thing, not trying to impress anyone else. At least this is how i like to look at it. The alternative of course is just that i am a lazy slacker who doesn’t care about anything anymore. We’ll see how the semester progresses, as i am an overachieving lazy slacker pretentious brat.
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    "the only one who really loves me is you"