September 13th, 2002

angry - books

Because when i chill on a Friday night i read the course catalog.

Okay, um what happened to the Spanish department? Last semester i decided i would take the García Lorca class this coming spring and now it is not in the course catalog. I am guessing this is related to the fact that jillions of profs are on sabbatical this year. The only other Spanish class that interested me was Magic Realism, which actually interested me a lot, but is “Page to Stage,” which is evil. But now i’m looking in the catalog and there are lots of interesting Spanish literature classes offered this Spring -- SPN 230 Topics in Latin American and Peninsular Literature: A Transatlantic Search for Identity, SPN 251 Survey of Modern Spanish Narrative, SPN 280 Voices of Spain and Latin America in Translation: Life Stories of Latin American Jewish Writers.

Speaking of changes in the catalog, what happened to some other classes i wanted to take? “Children’s Literature” and “Fairy Tales and Gender” are both seminars offered only in the spring and not open to first-years which i absolutely wanted to take this coming spring, but they have disappeared from the catalog. In searching for them online (because i wasn’t sure i was looking in the right departments) i found some fab sounding 5-College courses, though. “Children & Television” at Hampshire and “Literature for Children” at Mount Holyoke as well as “The Fictional Child” at Hampshire. So yes, definitely looking into the 5-Colleges when registering for next semester.

I still plan on taking WST 150 Introduction to Women’s Studies because it’s a prerequisite for WST 312 Queer Resistance: Identities, Communities, and Social Movements (and for most WST courses, should i have a desire to take any others). WST 235 Youth Culture and Gender also looks great.

And there’s a 1 credit Self Defense class offered both semesters here, which i am absolutely taking. (Well unless it’s on a Tuesday night, of course.) That will be in addition to only 4 academic classes. Regardless of what i end up doing this semester, i am only taking 4 4-credit classes next semester.
you think you know...

Oh yes, an update.

So yesterday was so jampacked. House meeting was only 2 hours, though; that was exciting. Koda mentioned a sign-up sheet for the pool room like we have for the TV. Um, okay. Because people always plan pool-playing in advance. On a more annoyed note, there was a girl checking everyone off at lunch today. I remember at the beginning of last year anyway there was someone checking off people from Albright and Capen, but as long as someone came in through our dining area no one cared. No one was there at dinner, though. Sigh.

My Soc class is in a seminar block, so we technically have until 4:50, though we’ve been getting out at 4:30ish. The class is really interesting, and we’re talking about the Protestant Reformation, which is one of my favorite things. I really want there to be a class that i could take that covers the development of Catholicism, the Protestant Reformation, and the development of Protestantism because i don’t know nearly enough about any of it. Dork that i am i actually got books about the Reformation out from the library today, even though i already have more than enough reading, both for school and not. (Laurel, tomorrow i’ll get Wait Till Helen Comes from Forbes ‘cause i forgot today.) I’m still deciding about whether i want to take Mary: Images and Cults (REL 242, offered in the fall).

Ooh, looking in the Religion section i see a REL 110 called “Women Mystics’ Theology of Love” offered this spring. My mom would love that course. (And yes, they include Julian of Norwich, who was actually mentioned in one of my classes recently incidentally.) There are so many religion courses that look really interesting, but what with everything i want to take more i don’t think i’m ever going to take them.

But i’m digressing hardcore. Where was i?

Oh yeah, the fact that we spend so much time in Soc class would not be a problem at all except for the fact that group is 4:30-6:30 on Thursdays. I don’t wanna leave Soc class (so i don’t) but i also feel bad about being late to group. Oh well, whatcanyado? Desiree (who kinda adores me) and Nural (sp?) both said they missed me, which was sweet, and i got compliments on my haircut. We went to the park, which made me happy. At one point i was carrying Nahir and i was singing to her and i sang Dar Williams’s “I Had No Right” because i like the rhythm and it was the only song i could think of. I told Izzy (another volunteer who’s a senior at Mount Holyoke) and she said “Hey, she’s growing up in the Valley.” Later, Desiree (who’s 7) was asking Izzy who she had a crush on. Izzy was being evasive and her friend Jess was teasing her. At one point Desiree said, “Some girls have girlfriends. But they don’t get married.” I think we were all kinda in shock. Jaynie (the woman in charge) said that actually sometimes they do.

I love the poem Layna posted in her LJ. I wanna write beautiful poetry again. Or really beautiful anything.

Annie came by tonight and hugged me. She said she thinks just my having that “Free Hugs Available Inside” sign makes it more friendly, even if you don’t take advantage of it.

We didn’t do faceboards at tea today because all the HONS were MIA. Most all the upperclassmen were absent for one reason or another, actually. A very heavily first-year tea. That was fine, though. I’m getting to know more of the first-years despite our continuing lack of faceboards.

Yay for the weekend. I have plans to be productive after an appropriately lazy Friday. And yay for the Orgs Fair tomorrow (Davis Lawn, 12-5). And Joan and i are going to Twelfth Night at Mount Holyoke. (8pm showing; we’re getting the 6:40 bus, and i have 2 tickets reserved; anyone else is welcome to come too though)

I enjoy mp3s.

Okay, i think that is all for now.