September 17th, 2002

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I need to stop forgetting assignments.

I need to get down to WAG sometime and make use of their multimedia capabilities.

I need to come up with Little Sister gifts. And a track list for the mix CD i’m going to make at WAG.

I now know who Britta is because twice now i have been in line getting food and heard someone called Britta, who definitely resembles the LJ. I haven’t actually introduced myself, though, because i feel very strange saying, “Hey, so you’re Britta. I’m Elizabeth -- hermionesviolin, who comments on your LiveJournal sometimes. ” Yeah, i’m easily intimidated.

I will continue to make lists so i can have some sanity in my life and hopefully continue to get approximately 7 hours of sleep each day (all in one lump, ‘cause i have no naptime).

I will remember to take time for myself away from schoolwork, but not too much.

25 days and i leave to go home for Fall Break.

Hugs and frolicking are of the good. As are prayers and fresh air.
anime night

"busy girl you be...." - Joe

Daily Buddhist Wisdom
This itself is the whole of the journey, opening your heart to that which is lovely. Because of their feeling for the lovely, beings who are afraid of birth and death, aging and decaying, are freed from their fear. This is the way you must train yourself: I will become your friend and an intimate of the lovely. To do this I must closely observe and embrace all states of mind that are good.
-Samyutta Nikaya


Terry called while i was at Bodywise and left a voicemail. I was pleasantly surprised. And my dad said he finally sent out my package. And Joe IMed me. We only chatted briefly, but it was nice to hear from him.

from my daily horoscope:
Stay calm under pressure.
Conserve energy and use it where it matters.

Starting to get actual writing assignments in my classes. This is tipping the balance toward overwhelming. But i will make lists and schedules and prioritize and take time for myself; and i will make it through and even have a good semester.

Kim Lyons is definitely an, interesting, professor. I’d actually be interested in auditing one of her classes. Auditing classes is like crack. It looks so good ‘cause you get the best of both worlds -- lots of learning and discussion, but no worry about a grade. But you’re still doing the readings and going to class so it’s still taking up lots of time. I am only auditing one class per semester. Yes. *shakes finger menacingly at self* The only real problem with all the reading i have for all my classes is that because i have a limited amount of time i really don’t put as much thought into the readings as i should, but then again i never do; now i just have a better excuse.

Taking suggestions for a sort of a Girl Power mix for my Little Sister. And gifty suggestions in general.

A hug a day improves my emotional health.