September 18th, 2002

angry - books

because people seem to be confused

The American Library Association has a list of the "The 100 Most Frequently Challenged Books of 1990–2000," located here. Yes, that says "challenged;" not all of them have necessarily been banned.

Explanations for many challenges/bans are located here.

The ALA also has a page containing a summary of "Challenges by Initiator, Institution, Type, and Year." It doesn't address any of the individual titles, but is good if you just want an overview of why/when/where/by whom books are challenged.

[And for any who don't know why this lemming is going around, Banned Books Week is this coming week, Saturday to Saturday. My lemming-ness regarding this list is located here.]
angry - books

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Pat Skarda just made my day. She has to go to a conference in Boston tonight, so we have another 24 hours on our papers. And we can compare any of the Songs of Innocence / Songs of Experience companion poems; we don't have to do "Nurse's Song."

And as an aside, Joan's Shakespeare professor told her "Shakespeare is not a soap opera." Like hell! I bet Mr. Quinn would give him a good talking to.
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Dear Elizabeth, Here is your horoscope for Wednesday, September 18:
Stress breeds a special kind of creativity. Personalizing a conflict can be productive, but internalizing it goes too far. Your private life should be miles away from what you do professionally.

Continuing with the asides, why does Pat Skarda sign her e-mails "In the cause," ?