September 24th, 2002

you think you know...

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I decided i’m just not up for working on any literary magazines this year, which makes me sad, but i can’t do everything, and when i have to choose i’d much rather do activism-y stuff. And there’s Oddballs Poetry once a month, which is forcing me to write my ass off to come up with something i’m willing to show anyone.

I did everything i needed to do tonight. I have a plan for tomorrow today, which of course involves staying up late yet again, but i will once again get everything i need to get done done. I procrastinate and i suck, but i get my shit done. I just need to make it through this week. Next week will be better.

My dry-erase board announces that Buffy is TONIGHT.

To appease my computer, i am going to turn it off and leave it off for most of the day (probably turning it on after Buffy to obsess with anyone who’s online *G*). I’ll be out most of the day anyway, but when i am in my room i check my phonemail, so if you really wanna get in touch with me (not that anyone ever does) call me, 413-585-4370.