September 25th, 2002

you think you know...

It's bad when 1am is an early night, huh?

I would really like to go to "The Myth of the Liberal Media" lecture at UMass tomorrow night tonight but i know i will have way too much work to do. I took a break tonight, though (did the minimum of work for the next day and chatted about Buffy instead of getting a headstart on my other work). I miss a lot of the afternoon Smith lectures, too, ‘cause i have class or work. Sigh.

I went to B-Side Records this afternoon, asked if they had the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical episode soundtrack.” The guy said he said no and asked if i was i at Smith. I said yes and he said he'd been offered it but didn't think anyone would want it so he turned it down. At this point i said i could just go to the mall, it wasn't a problem, but he said i shouldn't have to go to the mall, he should have it, and i'd get it at a better price at B-Side and other people have asked for it too, so come back on Friday and he'll have them (even took my name and everything). I could have kissed him. I so don't have time to go to the mall anyway, plus the whole supporting small stores thing.

We watched this video called Slim Hopes at Bodywise. It’s basically a lecture by Jean Kilbourne, so most of it was familiar to me from her book, but one thing i didn’t know (or didn’t remember) was that the picture on the cover of the Pretty Woman video is Julia Roberts’s head on someone else’s body. They also used a body double for the scenes where she’s partially nude.
anime night

found this (

Cho Koran (1804-1879)
(brushed on her painting of plum blossoms)

Where are the butterflies
flying to and fro?
The lovely nightingale
has not yet
begun to sing.

Before the arrival of spring
one snowy branch blossoms a little
sending forth its fragrance three li.
Silently its shadow moves
with the help of the wind.
When whitened by the moon.
its most cherished moment comes.

Most people have eyes
for only bright reds and purples --
who can believe that
this jade lady
endures the frost?