September 26th, 2002

you think you know...

Sleep should (and usually does) take precedence over journalling, but i like sharing the happy.

I enjoy Pat Skarda. The Romantics continue to not grow on me (whoa, will Joe and i actually agree on a literary period?) but i end up talking to Pat Skarda after class which is cool. On Friday we talked about Harry Potter and Blake (she thinks i should teach an interterm class). Today we talked about class and race and post-college careers and financial aid. I followed her around, continuing to talk, as she did a couple errands. I love being able to do that with teachers, with people in general really, being able to continue conversations as they do other things.

I had to answer the phone twice at work, and both times it was difficult women. Dammit, i just started and i don’t know anything and you have to be difficult? Why?! I told Ann i don’t know anything (who’s who in all the departments, how to work the phone system, etc.) and she said i’ve learned a lot and in another week “You’ll have them eating out of your hand.” Aw. And when i left she said i’ve been very helpful and sounded really grateful. It’s good to be loved.

I wanted to be a super cool Big Sister, but it just wasn’t happening ’cause i had boatloads of other stuff and i definitely thought my Little Sister was gonna think i was lame. (I also felt bad because i barely know her, so i just bought random stuff. Last year it was later in the year and we had done faceboards, so you could at least kinda get stuff your Sis liked.) My printer has issues, so i made crayon signs the first two nights and last night i wrote that poem inside a card with a blue iris on the front. The first night i put a bag of jelly beans, the second night hand lotion and lip balm, and last night a pair of blue flowered socks. I over-purchased, so tonight i wrapped glow-in-the-dark stars, chocolates, and Silly Putty in silver and gold tissue paper and put them in a purple Anne Geddes bag. The tradition is that Little Sisters leave out an item the last night, and that’s how you recognize your Big Sister the next night at candlelight dinner. So tonight i went upstairs and there was this adorable stuffed frog with a note hanging from his neck (cute flower stationery no less). It said “Big Sis, Thank you for all the gifts. :) Take care of my frog, I’m going to miss him tonight.” Aw.

I learned tonight that it takes mentioning English literature in my away messages to get a response from Joe. :-P

My computer does not like to be on all the time. It made sense for me to leave it on all the time last year because i was constantly in and out of my room, but this semester i’m basically out from 9-5 (well, i get back sometime between 4 and 7 depending on the day) and no one ever leaves me IMs anyway. So if you wanna get in touch with me during the day, leave me a phonemail and i’ll probably get back to you during lunch or after dinner. If you just wanna leave me a message, e-mail me.

BeliefNet horoscope:

You may become more withdrawn as the day progresses, and this self-protectionist retreat may continue for the next few days. It may just be that you now need to take time to digest the turmoil of the last few days. You cannot do this while fully engaged in the outer world, so even if your mental activity is high, your interactivity may be low.
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