September 27th, 2002

angry - books

"art may imitate life, but life imitates tv"

So we went to the Rare Book Room for Romantic class today. I was there for English Language class last semester, but we looked at different stuff this time. One of the things we looked at was a large book of Blake's Songs of Experience with photographs by this guy Vitkin (i forget his full name and have had no luck on Google). The photographs weren't taken for the book but were chosen from his ouevre for the book. The cover is leather -- goatskin dyed purple. I shivered. The smell of leather disturbs me. But anyway, it's an interesting book because the photographs are so disturbing. The publisher just came out with Songs of Innocence which Smith didn't buy, but i would be really interested to see it because this guy's photographs hardly lend themselves to "innocence." But the point of this entry is that Smith bought this book for... $5,000; and the price it's selling for, even though it only came out a few months ago, has gone up to $12,000. I said the idea of paying that much money for, well, anything, was staggering (i didn't say obscene) to me.

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you think you know...

my life has been mostly boring

Big Sister / Little Sister dinner last night went well. Susan's really sweet. She made me roses out of Tootsie Rolls (you flatten them and then wrap them around each other -- it's very cool) and thanked me for all the gifts. (She had actually run out of socks the morning i left her socks, hee.) I ended up talking and hanging out with various different people for about 3 hours straight. And then i went up to Layna's room and watched my tape (thanks, Daddy!) of Firefly. I was underwhelmed and am much looking forward to the airing of what was supposed to be the premiere.

I found out today that Altoids contain gelatin. *makes noises of distaste*

This squicks me.
i do it for the joy it brings

I love people sometimes.

Not people who have tea at the Alumnae House when there’s tea stuff in our own house, but other people. (And yeah, okay, if i hadn’t left lunch early i would have heard KVD announce it, but still.)

Joe IMed me last night just to say hi before he went to bed.

I got a call this afternoon from B-Side Records saying they had gotten the Buffy musical CD and would hold a copy for me.

Terry called about 10 minutes before i left for work. (To rehash, he’s called and left a message twice -- the day after i got back to school, then 13 days later; and today was 10 days after that. Not that i obsessively keep track of things like that or anything.) He asked how everything was going and if i’d met anyone. I said of course i’d met new people yeah. He said he meant like a boyfriend, and i admitted that i knew that but wanted to make him say it. “No, i have no new romantic interests.” “So I’m still in the running then?” I laughed. I said i’d been really busy, hence why i’d missed his calls, but it was really nice to get real phone messages. “So I’ll have to call more often then,” he said. “Absolutely,” i said enthusiastically. [Eesh, sometimes i feel like i’m in novel-writing mode or something when i’m writing these entries.] Two weeks from today i go home and then i get to go visit at the library. Yeah baby.

I spent a good two hours at dinner, just casually hanging out with a bunch of people. I love getting into big discussions with people, but there’s something to be said for just lounging, with comfortable silences and all.

Layna says i can come up and watch Firefly in her room anytime. Layna is a wonderful person, just for the record, in case y’all didn’t know that. And she has such a great room.

I get articles and reviews from and am dipping my toes back into JossBtVS, but my Daddy sends me stuff like The Buffy Blogburst Index.

And speaking of Buffy. Okay, so the Season 7 opener began and ended with “it’s about power.” This is hardly a comprehensive listing of every time “power” is mentioned, but here are a few quotes from past episodes. Collapse )