September 28th, 2002

anime night

short entries were usually longer in my head, while the long ones are usually shorter in my head

I watched Firefly in Layna’s room and sucked her into watching it. This episode was definitely better than last week’s, but as Whedonverse shows to convert people to, this is definitely at the bottom of my list. We are so watching next week’s ep. *grin* I played in Layna’s room for a while and then Amanda came over and we hung out. The pool room had been taken over, so we just hung out. Yay socialness, right? I think there's some sort of rule against being productive on Friday nights. So of course my weekend is getting more and more packed as i put off all the work i have to do. But after a good night's sleep i'm gonna have an uber-productive night, right?
anime night

"You're smooth, and good with talkin."

Layna says the song “Sadie Hawkins Dance” is the best song ever. I disagree. She asked what the best song ever was then. I don’t have a definite answer, but i nominated “The Blessings” by Dar Williams and “hour follows hour” by Ani DiFranco. I decided Sarah McLachlan’s “Prayer of St. Francis” didn’t really count since it was just the prayer of St. Francis set to music. Anyone have any nominations for “best song ever”?