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October 2002 - hermionesviolin
Month View

Here are all the posts for this month by hermionesviolin:

02:19 am: “She needs backup... Anya, Tara....” - 2 comments

12:51 am: (no subject)

11:06 pm: I am in such a fucking good mood today! - 2 comments

03:10 pm: Decisions have been made.

01:04 am: Instead of reading Wordsworth’s Prelude i wrote about church services.

07:40 pm: My dry-erase board now says [ those people who smile a lot watch the eyes -Ani ] at the top.
09:21 pm: "Same Time, Same Place" - 3 comments

11:28 am: salvation undeserved - 3 comments
08:11 pm: I am much improved.
10:23 pm: grr
11:02 pm: "Any day now, mark my words, any day now..."

01:06 am: Well at least sometimes i have good people to talk to when i really should be doing work but am not. - 1 comment
10:46 pm: But in less than 24 hours i will be home. - 1 comment
11:12 pm: something to amuse me over Break - 4 comments

12:03 am: In honor of National Coming Out Day.
01:46 am: Dude, am i getting sick?
04:38 pm: DONE! - 1 comment

11:37 pm: "A soul's slipperier than a greased weasel." - 2 comments

02:57 pm: "It's not about right, it's not about wrong, it's about power."
11:30 pm: I'm reading Gods and Mortals: Modern Poems on Classical Myths.
11:43 pm: learn something new every day... - 1 comment

02:52 pm: Ew. - 3 comments
05:22 pm: and art imitates life

10:39 pm: The Incredibly True Adventure of One Girl Traveling Between Her Two Homes. - 1 comment
10:54 pm: Part 2: Culture. - 4 comments

12:02 am: Yo, it was like 10:00 two minutes ago. I swear.
09:44 pm: decisions, decisions... - 6 comments
11:56 pm: Because you all want to know the intricacies of my brain. - 1 comment

10:05 pm: "I see a slow train, crossing the bridge, over the Ohio River..."
10:53 pm: When did it start raining again? - 1 comment

12:04 am: "If heaven had only loved me the way that it loved you..."
01:30 am: Joan told me to write an LJ.
04:02 am: Mommy, please don't have a fit if you read this. I promise i am taking care of myself reasonably.
12:35 pm: "I remember I can run..." - 5 comments

12:51 am: Joan said, "I'm studying for a midterm. You need a new LJ entry."
01:31 am: "half the world don't even know what they could have had..."
02:46 am: My Family Weekend was wonderful. - 2 comments
03:08 am: There aren’t many spoilers because i don’t have much specific stuff to say. - 4 comments
03:13 am: You know that time when you stop feeling tired?

10:13 pm: (no subject) - 1 comment

08:04 am: IT SNOWED!
06:39 pm: I am in a really good mood.
06:50 pm: "In Blackwater Woods" by Mary Oliver

05:11 pm: "half-remembered directions that we can hardly separate from instinct..." - 1 comment

08:15 am: Oh yeah, the clocks went back an hour last night. - 1 comment
02:02 pm: Today’s Scripture readings were 2 of my favorites.
07:33 pm: Autumn is beautiful.
11:02 pm: 3 for 3 - 3 comments

06:58 pm: I am not dead.
11:54 pm: Does this count as a Halloween entry? - 1 comment