October 4th, 2002

i do it for the joy it brings

I am in such a fucking good mood today!

I didn’t do the last section of my Linguistics assignment ‘cause i had no clue and my professor said i should look over the material again ‘cause it’s really not that hard, and i could hand it in at 5 today (we had class at 11 yesterday). That was so wonderful of her, though of course it would have been more wonderful if i didn’t have 5 hours of classes, 2 hours of volunteering, and 3 hours of work in between that class and my extended due date.

So i did that assignment, skimmed and summarized in 2 pages a scholarly article on W. H. Auden (due at noon today) and continued to not do the Romantics reading. (This weekend is gonna be all work, all the time, due in part to all the catch-up i have to do.) At the same time i was feeling ever so popular. Lauri gave me a gold star and Layna said i’m “ADORABLE” and i IMed with near half a dozen people over the course of the night. And i got three and a half hours of sleep but was totally functional throughout the entire day today. I just read for the first hour and half i was at work ‘cause everyone was at a meeting, but i don’t really feel bad about that.

Oh, i went and got my mail for like the first time this week and i got a CD from flamingnik. :) Thanks, babe! Can you send me a tracklist, though? (Just e-mailing it to me is fine, or post it as a comment here.) ‘Cause i definitely don’t know all the songs on it.

Last night i had 4 songs on repeat. So glad i don’t have a roommate to worry about driving insane.

Okay, so i don’t love any of my classes, but i’m definitely loving some of my professors.

Regarding our short assignments, Michael Thurston said we’ll get comments written on our papers but no letter grade; we just get credit for doing the assignment. On Wednesday Pat Skarda quipped that “Break into small groups” is inscribed above the gates of hell. And Kim Lyons is just, well, hysterical.

I am a culture whore. After having posted this, i give you this. “All the world’s a stage, or perhaps a Buffy set,” my father said after i sent him some Buffy quotes -- i forget what real life thing they had related to.

Oh goddess. The world is out to make me fall platonically in love with everyone, isn’t it?

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Okay, so this Sunday is World Communion Sunday, and people are gonna bring pieces of bread from all over the world to First Baptist, but i think i’m going to skip and go to the Affirmation Sunday service at Helen Hills-Hills Chapel instead. I saw a flyer in the post office, something about the sermon being “the stone that was cast out will be the corner stone.” Oh, and next weekend is Fall Break so i’ll go to United. And then the next Sunday will be Parent’s Weekend and i’m dragging my mom to First Baptist.

Whedon owns me. I skipped "My Life as a Feminist Pornographer" for Firefly. And because the Sociology video showings are on Friday and Tuesday nights, i am getting Paradise Lost: Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills via MLN to watch over Fall Break.

But yes, Firefly tonight was awesome. Am now totally in love with the characters (and therefore the show as a whole). To keep from boring y’all too much i’ll be making a separate entry gushing about it.

I’m very amused by this thread about Firefly slash with Riley.

Actually, near the end of Russian class today Sasha was talking about Gogol’s problems with women and his repressed homosexuality. Then i walked into Romantics class and Katie was talking about Kevin Quashie and how he thinks everyone’s gay. Dude, i slash everyone. Yet another reason to take a class with him.

Okay, i’m thinking sleep is a good idea.

To sum up all the time this past week when i wasn’t posting (as well as any future time when i don’t post):

“I have no life, but I don't see when I'd _have_ one. If I'm not busy, then I'm sleeping or I _should_ be busy and am just stalling. When do people have time to have lives?”

"I tell parents I hope their kids will call them and say they really hate the school because they're having to work too hard."
-former Smith President Ruth Simmons