October 9th, 2002

you think you know...

salvation undeserved

Okay, let's reiterate.

I had a 2-page essay on Wordsworth's Prelude due this Friday. I knew i should have read said Prelude over the weekend, but i didn't. Last night i started it and gave up around 1am with about a hundred pages left to go.

We've gotten behind in my Russian class (the class i'm auditing, i.e. not getting credit for) so i didn't read Pavlova's Double Life, but this morning we finished Gogol, so we're gonna start Pavlova this Friday. I actually really wanna read the book, but i really literally have no free time. I have a Linguistics assignment due tomorrow which i haven't started, and i really should read these two chapters for Sociology tomorrow (we have a short in-class-essay on the reading at the beginning of each class, so there is a grade incentive for any of you who think i should just skip that reading). And i have to write a 2-page review of a book i didn't even have in my possession until this morning for Friday (but Michael said we won't get a letter grade on it, just credit for doing it, so i'm not worried about skimming and b.s.-ing). And then there's attending all these classes, going to work this afternoon, and going to the Y Thursday afternoon.

Yes, i am insane and yes one might think i want to fail my classes.

Now, we've gotten behind in my Romantics class because of Mountain Day, so today Pat Skarda said that in order for us to be able to "luxuriate" in the Prelude, it will be due next Friday (and the essay scheduled to be due next Friday will then be due the following Friday). That was wonderful news. Sure that means finishing the Prelude, writing a 2-page essay, and reading Mansfield Park over the Break, but that is totally fine with me.
i do it for the joy it brings

I am much improved.

This evening i was listening to some of the Buffy music i'd downloaded and the music from "The Harsh Light of Day" came on. Damn, i'd forgotten how much i love I Bificus! So i put said CD on and did my Linguistics assignment. (Well, most of it anyway. I don't really get the last section, but all the rest was quite doable, which made me really happy.)

I finished my Sociology reading earlier, so now i just have to write my book review (for Friday), and i wanna do my Russian reading. Yay accomplishments and good moods.

Unrelatedly, i don't hate my job, but next year i definitely need to get a job doing something that isn't office work. Reference Assistant would be really cool. Or Circulation would be okay. Maybe working at Forbes. Not that the work has to be library-related, just something where i'm not filing etc. for 10 hours a week. (And i don't think i'd mind maybe doing a Saturday dish shift, but i am not cleaning 10 hours a week.) But yeah, i don't have to deal with this for quite a while, so i'm not going to think about it.

Also, people who leave me messages (AIM, LJ, e-mail, phone) make me happy.

And the fact that i will be very nearly home in 48 makes me very happy.

[edited to add that i now own a dark grey zip-up hooded Smith sweatshirt; yay]

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angry - books


This book is horrible. I should have known better than to get a book with "psychoanalysis" in the subtitle.

So i called Joan 'cause she wasn't on AIM and either i misdialed or she wasn't answering her phone and has a whacked out message (which wouldn't really surprise me) so i didn't leave a message.

And then there was a big spider on my keyboard. Now, i know there are spiders in my room and that doesn't bother me, but please stay off of my keyboard. And my bed. And stuff like that. So now there's a big spider crawling around my desk or something. I didn't see where it went.

And i am back in a foul mood.

[edit: No, i didn't misdial. Yes, Joan's phonemail message is scary.]