October 11th, 2002

you think you know...

In honor of National Coming Out Day.

"For the past few years I have just considered myself queer. To me, queer merely means I don't fit into the dominant heterosexual paradigm. It means I can be attracted to girls, boys, both, or no one. It's a large, fluid category that goes beyond hetero/homo/bi/asexual."
-from "The Mixed-Race Queer Girl Manifesto" by Lauren Martin in Quantify #1
angry - books

Dude, am i getting sick?

I've been blowing my nose and coughing and sneezing a lot tonight. Yes, Mommy, i'm drinking water.

My horrid book review is coming along nicely, though, and i really don't feel that tired so i think after i finish it i'm gonna read the rest of Pavlova's A Double Life.

After the morning's classes i'm going to make myself a list of all the readings i have to do and all the assignments i should be keeping in mind over the Break. Then i will pack the apppropriate books, eat lunch, go to work, chill for an hour, and then head home. There will be much napping on the bus/train.

And yes, the weekend at home will consist of lots of rest, fluids, and fruits and vegetables as well as socializing and schoolworking. Convenient of illness to hold off until the home stretch, and i refuse to come back to school a sick puppy -- especially because i will have boatloads of work awaiting me.
i do it for the joy it brings


I finished my paper around 3am. It wasn't much worse than it would have been if i were getting an actual grade on it, which is impressive since i didn't read the book at all, just skimmed it.

Then i read Pavlova's A Double Life and went to bed around 4am, getting about 4 hours of sleep. (Oversleeping = no shower. Grr.)

We didn't even actually talk about Pavlova in class because we got our professor talking about another Russian woman writer. Oh well. Still one less thing for me to have to read over Break. And i realized that i don't have serious boatloads of work to do this weekend, which is cool.

I definitely don't like Wordsworth. He reminds me of Thoreau -- "Look at Nature. Isn't it pretty, and profound. Listen to me. Aren't I great." Wordsworth adds "Look at that noble farmer/child/some-other-person-who-is-below-me. Look what we can learn from them" to the typical "Look at how wonderful Nature is and what we can learn from it." I'm not a fan of Jane Austen, but she's welcome after this trash.

We (the Smith College Museum of Art) are moving back into our newly renovated building soon, so i spent most of my afternoon packing office supplies into boxes.

And it's raining and there's never any decent food right before break.

But in approximately half an hour i will be on my way home. Nothing can ruin my good mood.

Also, thanks to oatmilk for making me a new hugs icon. I kinda want a new "i do it for the joy it brings" icon but i can't decide on a person never mind a source pic. Any one have any suggestions?

Mmm, think that's about it. Go fill out my survey. (Sorry there's no #10. That's what i get for editing late at night.)