October 15th, 2002

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The Incredibly True Adventure of One Girl Traveling Between Her Two Homes.

Okay, let's start with Friday. I took the 5:20 bus -- later than i've ever left Northampton before, because this semester i work Fridays until 4. Apparently i slept through some bumper-to-bumper traffic between Springfield and Northampton and we arrived at the South Station Bus Terminal at 8:45, instead of 8:00. So i didn't make my 8:50 train home, but blessed are calling cards (so my parental units didn't worry). I got myself an ice cream (yo, mint chocolate chip ice cream should be green, not white) and the nice man at Au Bon Pain gave me two cinnamon raisin rolls (because they were all out of plain cinnamon rolls) for the price of one. So i sat at South Station and read Poetry Like Bread until my 10:35 train began boarding.

Flash ahead to today. I could have taken the 12:35 train, but instead i chilled at home, had lunch and stuff. I left at 2:15 to get a 2:30 train. As i approached the station i saw a train pull into the station. My watch (which like all the clocks in my house is synched to government time) said 2:26. I was not happy. I called home because that is what one does when one misses a train. The machine picked up because someone was using the phone lines and i hung up and realized that i could just walk home since i do live only 12 minutes away. So i did. And i sat at home and read Body Wars before leaving in plenty of time to make my 4:29 train. I arrived at South Station Bus Terminal at 5:05 but the screens with all the departures only went to 5:00 and i couldn't find anyone who could tell me where my 5:15 bus was boarding until, 5:15, at which point the bus had left. So i got a 6:15 bus. Then i waited outside in the cold for about 10-20 minutes at Springfield waiting for the Northampton/Amherst/UMass bus. I finally got home home around 9:30.

From what i heard, i wasn't the only one who had traveling issues this weekend though.
anime night

Part 2: Culture.

Somewhere in the free time that i don't have i have to watch tonight's Buffy. I think Monday night works for me. (I have a full-up Family Weekend, though i think Sunday afternoon would work.) Is there any possibility of this working for Meredith or any other Smithie who taped tonight's Buffy?

My family's considering seeing Enemy of the People this Saturday. Can anyone tell me anything about this performance other than that it's "modernized"?

My former roommate is performing at Davis this Thursday. Because i don't have enough to do with my week, right?

Who is John Mayer and why is everyone going to see him at UMass November 23? I've seen that concert in the AIM profiles of a BU friend, a Providence friend, and a Smithie.

Bob Franke is performing at the UU Society Meetinghouse in Springfield for only $10. December 14, 8pm. That's the Friday before finals start. Anyone who has a car wanna take me?