October 16th, 2002

you think you know...

Yo, it was like 10:00 two minutes ago. I swear.

My weekend went by quickly largely because i slept for large portions of nearly every day. (And my reward is that i am almost completely non-sick. Rawk!) I just realized that i only have 3 days of a week this week. Damn 4-day weekends fuck with my perception of time. And of course now i'm back to my world of days which never end. Oh well. Hit me if i start counting down to Thanksgiving before it's November.
you think you know...

decisions, decisions...

Coming Out Dance. "Over the Rainbow Prom." Davis Ballroom. Saturday, October 26. 10pm-1am. Should i go?

Also, i'm feeling like i wanna get my hair cut a bit shorter, layered, and highlighted. Thoughts?
you think you know...

Because you all want to know the intricacies of my brain.

1. I would like to point out, because i need to at some point, that Meredith is up for Person of the Week because we will be having a 3-hour Whedon EVENT Sunday night.

2. I realized today that i am totally over one of my long-term crushes. Not entirely sure about the second one. I have also decided that i don't actually want to date anyone necessarily, i just want someone to think i'm wonderful enough to want to date me. (This is also largely the root for the other crush-like-situation.)

3. tranceballerina is also one of my favorite people because she says i'm "a glittery princess. with a tiara, even." as well as being "infinitely sweet and wonderful and glittery" and asserts that she would seriously date me. "You're sweet, smart, amusing, and really cute. I'd be all over that."

4. Responses to that survey thing also remind me of what wonderful people i surround myself with.

5. In Romantics class today, Pat Skarda talked about how Jane Austen (and Sir Walter Scott) wrote in reaction to the fluff that was popular in their time. She compared it (the fluff) to modern stuff like Danielle Steel, Maeve Binchy, and White Oleander. I haven't read any of those, but i thought White Oleander was considered more literary than Maeve Binchy, who in turn i thought was considered a bit above Danielle Steel. But perhaps i'm wrong. Regardless, i was seized with an urge to defend the literary merits of "fluff" literature. (My professor readily admits that there's value in "beach" reading as fluff, since sometimes you want fluff reading.) I didn't, because i couldn't think of anything to say (largely because, as noted earlier, i really don't do much fluff reading). She also said Billy Collins isn't a good poet. I asked her about that after class and she said his work isn't "poetry" it's "verse" and that he's "clever but not deep." I guess that's a fair assessment. I asked her what modern poets she would say are "poets" and she said Richard Wilbur and Adrienne Rich. (Yes, Sharon, i see you having an attack.) Then we talked about Mansfield Park and how i don't like the society Jane Austen writes about and therefore don't really like her work, which makes it difficult for me to judge whether she's a good writer. I said i was withholding judgement on the Romantic period until i finished the course, just scratching off writers as we went. She said the Romantics continue to yield for her, but the Victorians for example don't. Poetry, like all art, is so subjective. I think that's one of the things that frustrates me about English as a field of study, because arguments can be made for or against the value of any work of literature (or literary movement or author). The same is of course true of the visual arts, and music. Sigh.

6. IM is a highly inadequate means of communication. I often make this statement after having chatted with Joe.

7. This NaNoWriMo thing is really tempting.

8. If i really do get my hair done, anyone have any recommendations of places in Northampton? (Or in Norwood, i guess, because i suppose i could wait until Thanksgiving, but given that i've drifted away from all females in my age bracket from Norwood, i'm guessing no one reading this is gonna be of much help in that area.)

9. When did it get to be nearly midnight?

10. I still need to make to-do lists in order to get anything done.