October 21st, 2002

you think you know...

Joan said, "I'm studying for a midterm. You need a new LJ entry."

I am in fact working on my long Family Weekend post because no, i don't have reading i should be doing, not at all. And we're not even gonna look at the clock because why would i want to go to sleep, really?

You know dear, i could give you an LJ code and you could waste time inflicting the mundanities of your life on the general populace just as i do. But then i wouldn't have the joy of your insistences that i need to post in my journal. (Although knowing us we would just keep telling each other to update.)
anime night

"half the world don't even know what they could have had..."

Have i mentioned recently how much anorexia frightens me? It is just one of the things that disturbs me on so many levels.

I respect when someone says "My life is really fucked up, and I just need this control right now," and i really try to keep the commenting to a minimum, but it's just so sad and frustrating to me. I don't even have words for this.

So having gotten that out there i am going back to work on my update entry.
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anime night

You know that time when you stop feeling tired?

I feel like i could just stay up and do the reading i have to do for Tuesday (though once i actually opened a book i'm sure the tiredness might well flood back) but given the time i am going to go to bed instead. Then after an insufficient amount of sleep i will begin yet another insance week, complete with procrastination and too many events/commitments. Such is (my) life.