November 2nd, 2002

you think you know...

Current NaNoWriMo word count: 929.

I was listening to "After the Fall" by Bob Franke this afternoon and realized that it's near-perfect for my novel. So i transcribed the lyrics. Now i need to decide whether i should write more NaNoWriMo, catch up on correspondence, or do actual schoolwork. Why is that the more appealing something is, the lower it is on the priority list? Sigh.

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i do it for the joy it brings

new layout

I'm at work on an entry, or two, or three, but my brain seems to be shutting down despite lots of sleep, so i think i'm just gonna plug away at NaNoWriMo until i keel over.

Although i got no schoolwork done today, i restyled my LJ all by myself. I'm not sure how much i like the fire theme, but it'll do for now.

Feel free to criticize, make suggestions, and/or (of course) praise.