November 4th, 2002

anime night

Yesterday's Horoscope

It's better to act out of character than to be stuck with the wrong script. Someone has you walking on eggshells. Put your foot down and don't be afraid of the noise that you make.
i do it for the joy it brings

List of Things to Be Happy About

Impromptu hall-party with Sara, Clara, and Becky last night. With popcorn.

I now have a sign on my door with the NaNoWriMo participant logo as well as the “No plot? No problem!” t-shirt logo. This may not really be such a good thing since i will now have to deal with more “So what’s your novel about?” I may yet take it down; i’m still not sure how i feel about it.

The people i’ve mentioned NaNoWriMo to think it’s cool that i’m doing it.

Bill Myers is the shit. Most everything in the office was packed up, so mostly i hung out at the desk reading the Aeneid. I also chatted with various staff members, including Bill Myers, who was teasing me about the fact that i wasn’t doing any work. (Ann Musser defended me.) He said something about me getting paid more than him, and i laughed. “Migrant workers might get paid less than me, but that’s about it” i said. He thought that was great. “She makes little more than migrant workers. That's a good one.” He’s a big fan of humor. We were getting along quite well before that, but that was my favorite bit.

The art museum moves back to its old home tomorrow, so i will be 2 minutes from work instead of 8. This whole liking the people at my job is starting to be problematic because i really don’t wanna keep the job (filing and answering phones is not really minimum wage fun) and i’m not even sure if i’ll be able to do the job next semester (scheduling post in the works).

I haven’t been living on bagels and salady-food since Friday.

Did i mention that i got my crappy Pat Skarda paper back on Friday? She wrote a long comment at the end talking about how i had a very incomplete analysis and there was a lot more i could/should have mentioned, and yet... A-. I swear she must have been doped up or something, but i was so not complaining.

I have 4059 words written in my nano. Yes, i’m focusing on the fact that damn, i haven’t written that much in one work of fiction in ages, rather than the fact that i’m way behind quota and am totally just forcing words out at this point.

Del convinced me to send her my novel so far (when it was at about 3000) and said:

I got really involved in the story. After the sex that is. [I sorta tend to glaze over at sex these days, six years of reading it, things can only be done so many times -_-] But yeah, liking it. The characters already seem to have quite individual personalities. Something not often established so soon into a book, or whatever. Good job ;-) You could guess from here that the story is gonna be about these two girls, and while it may not be true, it's a comforting thought, cos you've made me like them already. :-P
It'll be interesting to see how they open up. Or do whatever you want them to do together.

She also thinks i’m repressed because there’s so much sex in it. (This isn’t really an item to be particularly happy about, but i felt it bore mentioning.)

And continuing off-topic with Del and sex, this AIM conversation:

me: ew. the funny thing is that i wouldn't have noticed if i weren't looking hard
Del: o.O you're kidding o.O!!
me: i would have glanced and seen toy baby on some brownish texture background and assumed blanket or something
Del: -_- Everything I said about your sexual frustration? I take back. right now.

And in response to my repeatedly calling her a beast:
-_- oh yeah? well.... you're a chimp. one of those smart, button pressing ones.

Okay, back on-topic.

I love autumn.

Joan burned me a copy of Hard Candy (and even wrote up a mini Joan review) so it can grow on me before i actually buy it.

I liked last night’s Angel and think it’s opening up a lot of really interesting plot and character development possibilities. (Incidentally, i find it amusing that people have polar reactions to episodes, scenes, etc.)

We are never going to get our Soc papers back. Kim Lyons has 3 Intro Soc classes (most professors only teach 2 classes) and our papers were supposed to be due last Tuesday but she hadn’t gotten my class’s papers corrected (we don’t hand in a paper until she’s handed back the previous paper with comments on it, so we can improve on the next paper) so the due date was pushed to this Tuesday. She said she would have our papers yesterday. I went by her office last night after dinner and she was so not done with all our papers. (She spends about an hour on each paper.) She said she should have all of them by late Monday and that our papers weren’t due Tuesday of course but Thursday, or next Tuesday if we wanted would be fine. “You can hand them in in 2004” she quipped. I feel bad for her, especially because of course as soon as she finishes these papers she has to start on the new papers from the other classes and then on ours. And have i mentioned that i just love Kim Lyons in general? ‘Cause i do. I’m really tempted to take (or at least audit) her Sociology of Crime class next semester.

My OneCard does in fact work in my house laundry machines, i was just stupid. (There was gonna be a post with full explanation and lots of fun Joan quoteage, but there’s not.)
angry - books

The Spring Schedule post i keep talking about.

Introduction to Women’s Studies
This is a must because it’s only offered in the spring and is a prerequisite for other classes i want to take.
It is only offered MWF 11-12:10

Women Mystics Theology of Love
I know my mom would love this, but we’re talking my schedule here. However, it does look good, and i hear Liz Carr is wonderful. So i’m thinking of auditing this class.
It is TR 9-10:20

A one-credit class i absolutely want to take.
Monday 7:30-9:10pm

And then here’s the other ones i’m thinking of taking.

Language Acquisition
Because i really wanna be an English Language and Literature major.
TR 10:30-11:50

American Literature (1865-1914)
Because it’s Michael Thurston. (The bastard isn’t teaching Modern American Poetry this spring.)
TR 1-2:20

Social Psychology
Because sometimes i like to pretend that i wanna be a Soc major. I dunno. I could just take this some other semester.
TR 1:10-2:30

Sociology of Crime
Because it’s Kim Lyons. I could of course just take this some other semester.
TR 3-4:50

So that gives me 3 classes, 2 potentials, an audit, and the self-defense class. I really want the 5-College thing to have its spring classes up. I have MWF afternoons available if i don’t take Social Psychology and TR afternoons if i don’t take Sociology of Crime. I have morning classes every day, so that leaves me 2 or 3 afternoons to work. Okay, that’s doable. I had been thinking i didn’t have any free afternoons and would have to tell Ann i couldn’t work next semester and get a job in town on the weekends. I’m considering that for next year, but it’s nice to not have to worry about that just yet. I would really like a job that’s not office work, though. Filing and answering phones is really not my thing i have learned. (Plus, transferring calls on their phone system scares me.) But as i said in the last post, i’m getting to like a lot of the people who work there, and that always makes it harder to leave a job. Sigh. I told Ann i would work both semesters this year, and i will, but i really don’t think i’m gonna keep the job next year. Okay, a year of office skills, nice for my resume. Art Museum really doesn’t relate to anything i wanna do with my life, though. I would much rather work in a library or a bookstore. If Buffy ends this year i would love to work for the Poetry Center. (I couldn’t do it when i refuse to attend their scheduled readings in favor of a TV show.) But yeah, not worrying about that yet.

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