November 6th, 2002

i do it for the joy it brings

It's the little things in life.

Sara’s in Italian Club, and they were showing Ciao, Professore and she convinced me to come. (I hardly needed much persuading to avoid schoolwork you can be sure.) It’s similar to an Italian Dangerous Minds but with the coolest third-graders ever. (My favorite was Vincenzino, the one who worked in the café.) I had a really cool quote from it that i was going to use as a Subject line for this entry, but then i forgot it.

First day back in the new building. They’re still doing construction and not everything’s where it’s supposed to be. Most everything has a film of sawdust on it. Was a good day, though.

I helped Stacey set up my computer. I did something and joked “I’m so cool” and she said “You are, actually. I hadn’t realized you had a sense of humor, or even spoke, but you do. You students do that, fool us like that.” At one point she referenced The Muppet Movie and said “I don’t know if you’ve seen it...” and i said “I might have seen it when i was 5 or something, but i don’t remember.” She said “Oh yeah, you would have been 5 then, wouldn’t you?” She said it came out in 1976 and i said “Oh, i would have been minus 7 then.” [Looking it up tonight, i find it came out in 1979. And i really don’t think i have seen it, so i really should sometime.] She said working with students constantly reminds her how old she is, like we don’t get references to songs and stuff. I said my mom finds it really weird that the music she remembers from her teen years (the 70s) is considered “oldies” and the oldies she liked when she was young you can’t even find on the radio today (way to feel old). Stacey dashed off two radio stations (one based out of Keene and one out of CT; of course i can’t remember the numbers); she said her partner listens to them all the time. She has a partner. I heart that.

The education department had a mini-party near the end of the day with pastries, cookies, and cider. And i got sent home with some of the leftovers. And i’m learning more people’s names (and some people seem genuinely interested in knowing my name, which is nice).

I have to make myself skim Frankenstein tonight. I’m going to take the exam after lunch tomorrow. And then if i still haven’t heard back from Kim i’m gonna swing by her office and if she’s there, talk about my paper then, and if not call her and make an appointment (that 1 hour block between classes and lunch on Friday or Monday?). That means i have to reread my paper and her comments another dozen times tonight. Oh, and i have to remember to go to the Y tomorrow. (Having afternoon classes cancelled puts me in danger of forgetting my entire schedule.)

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