November 13th, 2002

angry - books

I’m just a big ole bundle of productivity.

Every day this week so far i have done all the work i need to do for the following day. I wasn’t up until the last-minute doing my Soc paper. I’m even ahead in a couple classes so i don’t have to do any reading tomorrow. I’m supposed to read about 90 pages of Ovid’s Metamorphoses tonight, though, and i’m really not sure that’s gonna happen. I think tonight needs to be an early-to-bed night for me.

Work has been fairly good. At one point on Monday Ann said she wished i worked there all the time. I like that i’ve been getting to do more than just filing and purging old files. I set up a computer all by myself (with no directions, though it was a Dell so it had color-coded cords/plugs) and photocopied NY Times articles and cut and pasted so they fit nicely on normal sheets of paper, among other things. Yay for usefulness and task variety.

I started working on my nanovel again yesterday. I think i managed to reconcile my desire for these two characters to be together, at least for a while, with their necessities to be themselves. I’m also currently bouncing between 3 different sections -- “now;” what Nicole had been doing for the past 6 months; and what happened to Kristin, why she left.

I guess College Jeopardy started this week. The Smithie won last night. I’m kinda sorry i missed it.

Buffy was Wow and Damn and Quality. I think i may forego any sort of real entry on it because i have just boatloads of work to do.

I got my registration code today. Yay.

The searchable 5-College course catalog is finally up. Didn’t really find anything i want, but i like the Smith schedule i have planned out.

I’m taking Introduction to Women’s Studies next semester. The three professors are Elisabeth Armstrong, Martha Ackelsberg, and Wendy Kolmar. Any suggestions anyone?

Also, crushes, are weird, yeah.
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another pointless post

All i want to do is sleep. I'm not tired enough to go to sleep, though, and i really should at least attempt some of this Ovid. I really enjoyed taking a break from work to catch up on LiveJournal (filtering out the Buffy posts because my brain isn't up for thinking). I have e-mails i should write, but they require more thoughtpower than i think i have. I would really like to hug the girl i (think i) like, but her door is closed so either she is out or she is doing important work. I think there need to be more people in my house that i can go to anytime i want a hug. In exactly 2 weeks, minus a few hours even, i will be home. Wow. Oh, and a big yay to people coming to visit "my" college. :)
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"American girls all weather and noise..."

Saw Sara. Got two hugs from her. She was sweet with attempting to be helpful and cheer me up. I said my head was just in a really weird place tonight and i'd feel better after some sleep, and i honestly believe that. I'm still not go-to-sleep tired, though, so i will continue to plod through Ovid and eventually i will go to sleep, and tomorrow is the day that never ends but then i can go to bed and on Friday i can plan out the rest of my semester because there are only four weeks of it left -- there are not words for how scary that is.