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burning like matchsticks in the face of the darkness
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Wednesday, November 13th, 2002

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I’m just a big ole bundle of productivity.
Every day this week so far i have done all the work i need to do for the following day. I wasn’t up until the last-minute doing my Soc paper. I’m even ahead in a couple classes so i don’t have to do any reading tomorrow. I’m supposed to read about 90 pages of Ovid’s Metamorphoses tonight, though, and i’m really not sure that’s gonna happen. I think tonight needs to be an early-to-bed night for me.

Work has been fairly good. At one point on Monday Ann said she wished i worked there all the time. I like that i’ve been getting to do more than just filing and purging old files. I set up a computer all by myself (with no directions, though it was a Dell so it had color-coded cords/plugs) and photocopied NY Times articles and cut and pasted so they fit nicely on normal sheets of paper, among other things. Yay for usefulness and task variety.

I started working on my nanovel again yesterday. I think i managed to reconcile my desire for these two characters to be together, at least for a while, with their necessities to be themselves. I’m also currently bouncing between 3 different sections -- “now;” what Nicole had been doing for the past 6 months; and what happened to Kristin, why she left.

I guess College Jeopardy started this week. The Smithie won last night. I’m kinda sorry i missed it.

Buffy was Wow and Damn and Quality. I think i may forego any sort of real entry on it because i have just boatloads of work to do.

I got my registration code today. Yay.

The searchable 5-College course catalog is finally up. Didn’t really find anything i want, but i like the Smith schedule i have planned out.

I’m taking Introduction to Women’s Studies next semester. The three professors are Elisabeth Armstrong, Martha Ackelsberg, and Wendy Kolmar. Any suggestions anyone?

Also, crushes, are weird, yeah.

Current Mood: tired
another pointless post
All i want to do is sleep. I'm not tired enough to go to sleep, though, and i really should at least attempt some of this Ovid. I really enjoyed taking a break from work to catch up on LiveJournal (filtering out the Buffy posts because my brain isn't up for thinking). I have e-mails i should write, but they require more thoughtpower than i think i have. I would really like to hug the girl i (think i) like, but her door is closed so either she is out or she is doing important work. I think there need to be more people in my house that i can go to anytime i want a hug. In exactly 2 weeks, minus a few hours even, i will be home. Wow. Oh, and a big yay to people coming to visit "my" college. :)

Current Mood: "moonlight overthrew you"
"American girls all weather and noise..."
Saw Sara. Got two hugs from her. She was sweet with attempting to be helpful and cheer me up. I said my head was just in a really weird place tonight and i'd feel better after some sleep, and i honestly believe that. I'm still not go-to-sleep tired, though, so i will continue to plod through Ovid and eventually i will go to sleep, and tomorrow is the day that never ends but then i can go to bed and on Friday i can plan out the rest of my semester because there are only four weeks of it left -- there are not words for how scary that is.

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