November 14th, 2002

anime night

mmm, 8-10 hours of sleep

I totally didn't do my reading last night. I chatted with a couple friends on AIM and then went to bed. I think that was the right choice. I still feel tired, but it's just the usual i-never-get-enough-sleep kind of tired, and i can deal with that, especially because tonight i am going to bed early again. And i don't really feel weird anymore, and that is the best improvement. And today is burger day, so i won't even be malnourished. Yes, all will be well.
i do it for the joy it brings

Celebration of Sisterhood was a lot of fun.

Yes, i went to The Big Rainbow Event.

Loved Ethel-the-lesbian-from-Ohio gets saved from not-getting-laid-ness by Carol Christ. Yeah Jordan House.

Also loved the SIKOS Bisexual Blues --“My favorite vegetable is broccoli because it has a stem and a bush.”

The whole thing was fun, but those were my favorites.

Also, note to self for next year: standing near the stage when one is a short person is not conducive to quality viewing.

I got to meet marginaliana and Alyson, which was yay. Laura from my Russian class ran up to me and Layna and we hung out on the parade down to Scott Gym, and along the way picked up various paraphernalia. She (Laura) seems quite cool and i think we should hang out some time.

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This girl who lives in my house (i think she does anyway, but i don’t know her name) was walking by my room with a friend of hers and said to the friend that the sign i have outside my door giving free hugs is like the coolest thing ever (or something along those lines). So since my door was open i went out and explained that a friend of mine who graduated last year had a similar sign and someone had to keep it up. :) So then i got to hug both of them. Joy.