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burning like matchsticks in the face of the darkness
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Friday, November 15th, 2002

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Del told me: "to confuse, annoy, irritate, perplex, amuse, bore...yanno. You're so easy."
And later:

okay. your rant? soooo cute.
i'm gonna have to puke soon

Last night, Joan was talking about being tempted to bid “ridiculous amounts of money” on Kids in the Hall, SNL, and Conan. I was trying to convince her that people like me are just as cool as better than Conan and we don’t charge money. Her response? “When you have your own show, I'll bid on you. ;-)”

I enjoy my friends.

(Yup, that was another pointless post. Thank you, drive through.)
"I know I could love you much better than this -- full of grace"
Chatted with Sara for a bit tonight. She seems okay, just incredibly busy (duh). Was nice to get to have a brief actual conversation with her. I'm not even sure i have a crush on her (welcome to me being unable to figure out what i feel), but she is a person i enjoy spending time with and talking with and stuff.

[And i just realized that i just totally revealed who my "crush" is, something i'd been attempting to avoid on here. Oh well. Being vague is too much work. Not like she reads this. And i'm sure i'll continue to refer to her as both depending on my mood.]

[Okay, so her friend Jen(?) came to get her to go to Madame Butterfly and they were both in these like knee-high boots and i was like, Hot damn. I heart ladies in boots.]
"Stealing from the rich and selling to the poor."
Yay for plot advancement. (So of course we have to wait 3 weeks for another new episode.) That is all.

Well okay, two more things.

1) EW to what the blue-handed men did at the end.

2) SO glad Mal knew the truth.

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