November 19th, 2002

you think you know...

My friend Jonah is so cute sometimes.

In my high school, AP [Advanced Placement] English classes switch teachers every term, so after a year you've had 4 different teachers, which is interesting. But this term they're also switching to yet another teacher briefly to do Hamlet, only he said he thinks she's only doing the first act, then her student teacher is taking over. So he said:

I want to write a book for AP English entitled: "Are you my English Teacher?" like the children's book "Are you my mother?"
you think you know...

blah blah blah

Just got back from Linguistics study session. It was worth missing Buffy for because i totally didn't understand any of the assignment and now i totally do. However, Meredith, will you be around this weekend? Would it be possible for me to watch your tape Friday night or sometime this weekend? I love you.

So now i'm off to do work all night. My insane week really started this morning and ends around tea time on Friday. However, i'm really happy that my myth paper due date got moved from this coming Tuesday to the end of the semester, and we got a week's extenstion on the Thurston paper that was gonna be due the first Friday after break. Not being murdered by stress is a good thing. If it's raining tomorrow i'll come back to my room and do homework, otherwise i'm going shopping downtown because i want to, dammit.

I had forgotten just how much i can crush on someone i don't even like. Am trying not to think about it, because this last week before break really isn't a good time for anyone so i figure there's no point in judging anything based on such an abnormal time. Plus i'm not even a mood for much socializing. So we shall see how it goes after the break.