November 24th, 2002

angry - books

“You don’t have to be polite to me just because we fucked.”

Last week i was thinking about how a while ago tranceballerina said she would be a kick-ass girlfriend if anyone gave her the chance. It occurred to me that i would be, too.

More recently i was thinking that if someone doesn’t wanna be friends with me, then that person isn’t worth my time. I mean, i obsess about people whom i think are so cool and wish i could be friends with, but really, if they don’t see what a neat person i am, they’re not worth my time. There are plenty of people who do think i’m worth hanging out with and talking to and i really should just cultivate those types of friendships instead of obsessing over people who wouldn’t care if i dropped off the planet.

P.S. When I Was A Girl, I Used to Scream and Shout was good, in that kinda painful way.

Also, (The Smith Leading Ladies Musical Theatre Ensemble’s production of) Studs Terkel’s Working last night was really good.
you think you know...

just a few notes

1) The subject line of my last post was a quote from When I Was a Girl..., just in case anyone was wondering.

2) tranceballerina and oatmilk are way cool because they have both said that they would totally date me.

3) I love touching base with people. My insanely busy week combined with other factors means there are a number of people i haven’t talked to in a while, and i’ve been really glad to get to talk to them again this weekend. (And then there are other people i still haven’t talked to in a while whom i miss.) And i’ve been hanging out with Marnie and Lauren a good amount this weekend, and getting to chat with lilithchilde before Soc class recently, so that has been all with the good.

4) Scheduling is perilous. Am so glad trijinx is as big with the micromanaging as i am. (Mommy, you would be proud of us.)
angry - books

My new delusion is that i’m going to Oxford over the summer.

Catherine from my house who graduated last year was back visiting last weekend. [edit: I think i mean Jessica, not Catherine. Gotta love how good i am with names.] We chatted a bit, and i loved that she totally respected the fact that i have no desire to go JYA. She mentioned a 6-week Oxford Summer Seminar program, though, and i thought that sounded cool. There was a meeting about it on Thursday, which i couldn’t go to, but the next day in class Pat Skarda had a pile of brochures about it left over so i took one.

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