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burning like matchsticks in the face of the darkness
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Wednesday, November 27th, 2002

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There is a LOT of snow on the ground already.
Here's hoping everyone (myself included) is safe and on-time today.
Just so y'all know.
I made it home perfectly safely. My bus got in early of all things. By the time i was actually walking home from the train station it wasn't snowing anymore. Hope everyone else had similarly pleasant journeys.

Dial-up AOL is being evilly slow tonight. And with everyone home no one posts or anything anyway. Which is good since i really do have lots to do this break. Hope y'all have a great break. Be safe, be happy, be healthy, be grateful.
Today was the first real winter snow, with multiple inches of snow and all. I didn't enjoy any of it (though walking from the bus to the train at South Station the snow was just falling down like in gauzy sheets or something and it was beautiful) really like i usually do because i was worried about everyone who would be traveling (myself included), about whether they would be safe, whether they would be delayed. I think this is one of the reasons i don't keep hardcore tabs on the weather, because everyone was telling me it was gonna snow and it was gonna be bad and it turned out to be fine. But i also feel like this is one of those coming-of-age moments, when you realize that the snow isn't just pretty, that it can be dangerous and seriously affect people. (Yeah i always knew about shoveling and dangerous driving conditions, but it never really meant anything really.) Yeah, i should go to bed now.

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