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December 2002 - hermionesviolin
Month View

Here are all the posts for this month by hermionesviolin:

09:56 pm: I’m back.
11:24 pm: "this is only a possibility in a world of possibilities"
11:50 pm: Okay, i lied. I'm IMing instead of doing real work. - 3 comments

12:25 am: Okay, so i'm not that angry, but....
08:06 pm: I do what i do, because it's all i can do, and sometimes i do it well.
08:47 pm: If it’s not one thing it’s another.
09:04 pm: it's all about the little joys, the moments of grace
10:20 pm: every moment is a blessing

12:39 am: Volunteer Solutions is my new favorite thing.
10:59 pm: New Buffy Tuesday December 17!

09:21 pm: "Because it is bitter and because it is my heart." - 2 comments

01:07 am: Layna came to visit me in my room.
12:05 pm: snow! *grin*
10:08 pm: At some point my brain may explode. - 1 comment

11:49 am: Damn i love my parental units! - 1 comment
07:15 pm: Upcoming events. - 2 comments
10:18 pm: "It seemed like the thing to do." - 1 comment

01:23 am: Earlier this week, Joe said “I fall half in love with everyone I know.”
10:51 am: GIP! - 1 comment
04:20 pm: Word to J.C. Penney - 1 comment
11:17 pm: Winter Weekend isn’t horrible. - 1 comment

12:26 am: My computer froze for the umpteenth time tonight as i was almost done with this post. - 1 comment
12:51 am: "Superman (It's Not Easy)" by Five for Fighting - 4 comments
01:05 am: balancing the angst with snark and comedy
01:14 am: "Me, I'm unreliable, I've got evil hand issues and I'm bored with this crap."
01:24 am: When i'm in a bad mood at 1:24 in the morning i should probably just go to bed.
09:45 am: Just so you know. - 1 comment
11:51 am: because i have so much free time and extra money
12:06 pm: This is why i go to church. - 1 comment
03:29 pm: my day so far
09:52 pm: Remember my list from a few days ago of things that people say/imply that make me twitch? - 2 comments
10:19 pm: it is good to laugh - 8 comments
10:52 pm: I just realized which song it is that's been stuck in my head!

12:35 am: Jesus Has Two Mommies - 11 comments
01:11 pm: The paint fumes here may make me ill.
01:27 pm: I don't know where to start for good fanfic, but thanks to my dad i know a lot of good blogs.
02:00 pm: blog-hopping (also known as spamming LJ when i have nothing to do at work) - 2 comments
02:13 pm: damn straight
03:12 pm: Now there is this uncomfortable anxious ball in my gut. - 2 comments
04:35 pm: stupid college alcohol policy
06:10 pm: "Lady Madonna, children at your feet. Wonder how you manage to make ends meet."
07:04 pm: I meant to post yesterday 'cause by then even i had sufficient evidence to say it's true. - 4 comments

01:48 am: I just spent nearly 4 hours in Layna's room and have yet to start my Linguistics assignment.
03:45 am: My life is on my computer.
04:38 am: kicking ass and taking names - 3 comments
10:35 pm: "next time I find myself going under the knife I've got a song to sing
10:51 pm: "I am woman. I am invincible. I am tired." - 4 comments
11:52 pm: I thought i left this shit behind. - 2 comments

12:36 am: I am going to bed. - 2 comments
11:59 am: English Department costume party tomorrow. - 1 comment
12:41 pm: I have a rep.
04:57 pm: "but i can do that anyday..."
10:35 pm: I am officially panicking now.

08:35 am: "Surely some revelation is at hand; Surely the Second Coming is at hand. " - 1 comment

02:23 am: validating my existence - 1 comment
11:58 am: Thursday was a good day. - 4 comments
04:21 pm: I love my life sometimes.
07:45 pm: “they've got implants to put in, they've got implants to remove” - 1 comment

01:16 am: I wasn’t going to post until i finished my mythology paper, but that didn’t work out. - 2 comments

12:20 am: I have been off of AIM all day. - 5 comments
12:35 am: I sang with all my might And she said Tell me are you a Christian child? And I said Mam I am tonight - 1 comment

02:16 am: Snowfall #5 (?) this morning past.
12:24 pm: "The daylight is dying, My whole heart is crying. ... Wake up in the moonlight singing!"

08:02 pm: "We can talk about disaster and admire the scenery"
09:36 pm: I may often be far from the best at being a student, but...
10:59 pm: Have i mentioned recently how much more enjoyable it is to chat with people than it is to do work? - 2 comments
11:38 pm: "We didn't go to Harvard / No we don't like Crimson and we didn't get in" - 2 comments

11:26 am: SHAZAAM
03:06 pm: Dune by Frank Herbert, page 314 - 1 comment
05:52 pm: I would just like to give props to dinner tonight.
06:25 pm: "So you've lived in Lamont for all 4 years?"
10:15 pm: And then tonight i learned that Isabel thought i was a junior. - 1 comment

12:27 pm: I find the phonemail system difficult.

01:10 pm: We know i’m home because i’m hardly ever online. - 5 comments
01:38 pm: in which i babble about the holiday season, or something - 3 comments

12:04 am: "Blessed Solstice."
11:44 pm: Nothing like drowning in gifts to make me feel generous. - 2 comments

10:07 am: Don’t call me Grinch, Ms. Beast. ;) - 1 comment
11:15 am: snow delay = time to work on your story. :) - 1 comment
09:21 pm: not much to write home, er, LJ-land about,
10:52 pm: a couple amusing stories
10:59 pm: I hate the new anti-drug commercials. - 7 comments

03:19 pm: the randomness that is my life - 3 comments
05:26 pm: “This is my family. I found it all on my own. It's little and broken, but still good.” - 5 comments
11:20 pm: the Affair

11:44 am: Ya know, for people who weren't expecting paid accounts, you sure got 10 icons up really fast. - 6 comments