December 1st, 2002

anime night

I’m back.

I had a nice break. It was busy. I did lots of reading, worked at my favorite job on Friday, had lots of “real food,” got sent back with lots of home-baked yummies, oh and i now own light blue curtains which smell gross and plasticky from their packaging but which thankfully are machine washable. I also watched some good TV (including the end of Ice Wars -- will i be killed if i admit that i think Kurt's final performance was better than Scott's?) and got more sleep than i could have imagined i needed.

I have 19 days (not counting today) in which to do insane amounts of work. Namely, 2 group presentations, four 5-page papers (one of which is a book report on a book i haven’t read yet), and 1 final exam. Plus staying on top of the remaining reading for all my classes, and i think we have one last Linguistics assignment.

One of the things i did while at home was to print out various James Marsters and Amber Benson calendars someone made, and once i got back i put up a number of them all over my room (and a couple on my door). Sophie saw the Amber Benson ones on my door and was a big fan.

Am skipping Willy Wonka and candy Tuesday night in favor of dinner and possible Buffy watching with my favorite jewish pagan. :)

And the Smith one-acts are next Wednesday and Thursday. (not this week, but next week) Must remember to attend.

Registration for J-term courses begins tomorrow. Assuming i get all the classes i want (which shouldn’t be a problem) i plan to come back the weekend of January 11/12. Am beginning to collect people who will be around the last week or two of J-term so we can hang out.

My brain is rebelling against planning out all my work for the next 3 weeks. Must block out work and breathers so i get everything done without dying.

I apologize in advance for the fact that for these next few weeks i will probably be sucked into the black hole that is the end of the semester. You are welcome to leave me messages, though.
you think you know...

"this is only a possibility in a world of possibilities"

Instead of summarizing my chapter for Soc like i should be doing, i have been messing around with my LJ style. It is now cooler than before. Check it out. Muchisimas gracias go out to oatmilk for the raw code i stole from and for making the image at the top. (Now if i could just get some new icons.)

I am now going to do that Soc work in the interest of staying on top of my shit.

Unrelatedly, i reserve the right to not involve myself in anyone else's drama/angst. If you are in trouble and i know about it, i will probably be praying for you, but i may not have the time/energy/strength to actually talk to you. This may make me a bad friend. It makes me a saner and healthier human being, though, so deal.

And it's been a long December and there's reason to believe
Maybe this year will be better than the last
I can't remember all the times I tried to tell myself
To hold on to these moments as they pass
anime night

Okay, i lied. I'm IMing instead of doing real work.

"What do I want? I'll tell you what I want! I want Ken Railings to walk in here right now and say 'Pam Short's broken both her legs, and I want to dance with you!' "

I would love to know the situation that prompted that away message. So i see her a few times tonight and i think "Nope, not crushing," but my immediate response to that away message is "Baby, i'd dance with you anytime." This begs the question of whether i'm crushing on her or if i'm just crushing and she's a convenient object. Why am i so messed up?