December 2nd, 2002

evil hand

Okay, so i'm not that angry, but....

my computer keeps being wonky tonight. I've restarted it at least twice in only about 6 hours. And it's been off for about 4 days. Isn't leaving it off for a while supposed to be a good thing? Sigh. Am turning it off for the night having gotten no work done. Perhaps tomorrow (which is technically today already -- sigh) will be better.
anime night

I do what i do, because it's all i can do, and sometimes i do it well.

Joe: do you ever get the feeling there's something better you could be doing
Joe: than school - than moping about over ex boyfriends
Joe: something real
me: Sometimes. Mostly i'm too busy with the all-too-real-ness that is my life now. But yes, there is that ever-tantalizing "real world." Righting the wrongs of the world and all that. But i feel like what's important is making a difference, be it changing a law or lifting one person's spirits, and i can do that here and now and i try, because that's what's important and real -- making a difference.
Joe: :-)
Joe: this is why I turn to people like you for validation
me: *blushes* Aw, thank you.