December 6th, 2002

i do it for the joy it brings

Damn i love my parental units!

I got my sweaters when i finally went to pick up my mail yesterday. When i went today, my baked goods had arrived. So much more yumminess than i had expected. If you're in the Smith College area and want DELICIOUS baked goods, stop by my room. I make no promises as to how long all this will last, but there's only 2 weeks left in the semester and i'm gonna try to make the goodies last.

Lots of food in my future as well. Christmas party at work on Monday. Russian dinner at 5:30 Monday which i may or may not attend. Bodywise party on Tuesday. Romantics class on Wednesday = party at Pat Skarda's house. Other goodness next week includes a James Tate reading on Tuesday and the one-acts on Wednesday and Thursday. And dude, i keep forgetting that we have no classes next Friday. Last day of classes is Thursday. Oh how i love the end of fall semester, except for all the work.
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    "Room in My Heart" - Jonatha Brooke
you think you know...

Upcoming events.

Vespers this Sunday, 4:30 and 7pm. Yay. I think i’m gonna go to the 7pm. And then i’ll probably stop in at my house cocktail party for the free food. [edit: doh, my house party is Saturday -- i knew that, really i did... we can tell i'm big into this Winter Weekend thing, huh?]

Smith one-acts in Hallie Flanagan, 8pm, free, Wednesday and Thursday. I think i’m gonna go on Wednesday. Anyone wanna come with me?

Anyone wanna take me to Bob Franke in Springfield, Saturday December 14, 8pm?

Mommy, this is the MFA exhibit i wanna go to over break. “Impressions of Light: The French Landscape from Corot to Monet.” December 15-April 13.

The SIKOS are performing at ImprovBoston Sunday December 22 (the day after i come home for break). 7pm, easily accessible via the T. Woot. (Joan, put me on the guest list, would you? Thanks.) They’re also opening for somebody at the Gotham Comedy Club Monday December 16 (day before finals start), so any of my NYC friends who have nothing to do that night should go, but i of course won’t.

Also, apparently there’s this Buffy high school reunion thing. Last night is 8pm the day i get home. I am so there. Any of my family wanna come with? Tickets are $15/$20 and you can reserve tickets in advance.

"It seemed like the thing to do."

I love Firefly so much. The characters are just so great. Not always Jayne and Wash, but everyone else always. Well okay, so sometimes Book/Shepherd is just neutral, but i don't think i ever actually dislike him. And i am so in love with the fact that they are all the big gay (and at times Jayne so wants to be a woman). And i heart River in that wispy outfit with the combat boots. But Joss, please stop with the grossness. Skinning Warren, the blood at the end of the last episode (the blue-gloved men), and now all the torturing with the visuals. Please. And um, does Mal have like superhuman strength, 'cause while i'll admit Wash is a lesser man, he could barely stand after WAY less.